Mama - posted on 2/9/2006
It's funny how God works it--when that nasty little nose is one of yours--it doesn't bother you nearly so much. Glad to hear some of the days are better. It'll all be worth it-I promise!

Kelly - posted on 2/13/2006
My, My, My, what a lovely bump you have there.
Don't worry...with your and Phil's TOTAL lack of allergies your baby will most likely never have a runny nose ;)

Kelly again - posted on 2/13/2006
When do we get to know if Shem is a She-Deanie or a He-Deanie?

Mom - posted on 2/14/2006
Mama is right. Just look at Philip and think about how worth it he is. I think we forget about the sickness in the first trimester because we get so excited about the growth, and changes to our body and the baby. This too is a God thing because if we didn't forget the unpleasant parts of pregnancy we would never have more than one child.

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