Rachel - posted on 2/24/2006
YAY!!! I heard him!! (for some reason I'm convinved its a him)Sounds like he's sprinting in there.

The Dad - posted on 2/24/2006
Kim seems to think it is a him as well. I am not sure why. We will have our chance to find out in about 5 weeks. Glad you enjoyed the vid! This is sooooo much fun!!

Mama - posted on 2/27/2006
I love the video. I sure miss that sweet laugh, Kimmie. I also like watching the progress column. Just think, in 30 days the age and the time remaining will be equal!! Half way!!

Kelly - posted on 3/7/2006
Wow!! That made me so happy!! God be with little Deanie and make shems heart strong and even now give it a passion and love for You.

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