Kelly - posted on 3/17/2006
It is amazing that 6 days makes such a difference from wondering if you felt something to feeling the Cancan!! Does it really feel like being kicked?? I need some more adjectives about this whole kicking is something I have always wondered about. I am so excited for you!! I think you will look lovely in tent-sized clothing with your bump. Actually...I think it is about time for a new 'bump' picture, then I will tell you I think you look VERY pregnant.

Kimmie - posted on 3/18/2006
It's a lot like being thumped from inside. Sometimes it feels a little like gas moving around too. I've noticed if I eat something and then lay down he seems to get pretty active. I read somewhere that even babies in the womb seem to know when their moms are trying to rest. As for the picture, we'll see what we can do about that.

Rachel - posted on 3/20/2006
So you are saying that being pregnant is kinda like having gas?...thats wonderful. I am really excited now. oh boy. ;) Just think about all the exercise he's getting. Its hard to imagine that he (For some reason I think shem is a he) is only 4 months old and still has so much growing to do. Its craziness!

Kimmie - posted on 3/20/2006
Actually, it's a LOT like having of the fun side effects. But I'm counting my blessings because there are plenty of worse side effects I've avoided so far.

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