Rachel - posted on 8/11/2006
Yay :) Happiness :) Elation:) Kim I hope you get some good sleep before the crazyness starts. I love you very very much.

Carolyn - posted on 8/11/2006
We are so excited that Josiah has finally arrived and you are able to hold him. Can't wait for us in Texas to get to hold him.

Shannon - posted on 8/11/2006
Congratulations from Texas!! Can't wait to see pictures! Make sure your mom takes lots of pictures to bring back to us.

Carmen - posted on 8/11/2006
Congratulations! I can't wait to see him!

Kelly - posted on 8/11/2006
WOW!!! Congratulations!! I love you all and I am so excited that Josiah is here and healthy. Kim, you are the WOMAN! It is a good, good day!

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