Kelly - posted on 12/3/2006
We put up our tree yesterday too, I bet it is lots of fun to do it with Josiah. I will be praying that his cough goes away.

Mom - posted on 12/5/2006
Dad intended to put our tree up Saturday but it took the whole day to decorate the outside (front porch and eves). It is very pretty! So Sunday he decorated the tree with EmmaJo, Percy, and Sadie. They were a great help and followed directions wonderfully well. The bottom part of the tree is to be decorated and redecorated as ofter as they liked while the top half is decorated to stay and not to be played with. It really looks beautiful. The children has a great time discussing the child decorations. Ask Philip if he remembers painting "Peanut" people made of wood as ornaments while we were in England. We are glad Josiah is well and hope you all stay well.

Jill - posted on 2/18/2008
I was checking the blogspot for portwine stain and came across your site. My daughter has a similar stain as your sons. Check my new blog at onegoldenegg .blogspot .com (without the spaces) A doctor should not rule out KT unless there has been a contrast dye MRI and it is something that parents need to be aware of.

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