Mom - posted on 1/10/2007
Josiah sure is a good and cooperative little guy to follow your schedule for him so eaisly. I love the hair cut and it does make him look older. He will begin showing more and more personality of his own and you will notice. Love you!

TulipGirl - posted on 1/11/2007
One thing I found when babywising my kids, was that their hunger needs and sleep needs didn't always match up. Sometimes they really did need more feeding times than nap times (especially during growth or developmental spurts.) With my third we adopted an Eat/Wake/Eat/Sleep routine that worked better for that baby than the BW Eat/Wake/Sleep.

Just mentioning this, because I've known other BW moms who have had to modify the schedule to make it "fit" better with their babies needs, too.

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