Steve - posted on 2/17/2007

Bomp - posted on 2/17/2007
All the videos are great, I know. My computer just won't let me see them. I check on Josiah at least twice a day. It's good to see he's eating well. Keep it up.

Kelly - posted on 2/18/2007
Well, I have always been a fan of intense action, so I pick "Josiah Rolls Over". I was on the edge of my seat pulling for him the whole time.

Rachel - posted on 2/19/2007
dang! the boy has some pipes! thats a pretty intense falsetto :)

Grandmama - posted on 2/19/2007
I vote for his first solid supper. That child likes to eat!! Reminds me of his Uncle Ryan.

Uncle Ryan - posted on 2/22/2007
At first I thought he didn't like his dinner but he sure did go through it. But I think my favorite one was the video that improperly titled 'Josiah thinks Mom's Funny'. It should have been, 'Josiah tickles Mom for once' or maybe 'Josiah's sweet revenge'. Either way, I'm pretty sure that he's going to be one heck of a soccer player.

Uncle Ryan Again - posted on 2/22/2007
Oh yeah... Size 13

Amanda Salgado - posted on 3/31/2007
I love them all!! And we check your site regularly. It is a great way to keep tabs on my big brother!

Kyle/Tawni Buente - posted on 4/1/2007
Hey guy's,
Saw your site via your dad. Very cute boy! If he's anything like my 36 pound 2 year old boy, he'll eat much more the older he gets. Have fun and enjoy him. Rice cereal!!! TASTY!!!

Carmen - posted on 4/25/2007
Hey Guys! So obviously I don't check the site regularly, but I do try! :) I'm going with "First Meal." His facial expressions were cracking me up!

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