Grandmama - posted on 3/21/2007
He looks so grown up sitting up like that. I don't know Philip, the "pray without ceasing" plan may need some help. :)

Rac - posted on 3/22/2007
where's the action!!!! I was promised rolling! Although the sitting stuff was pretty sweet. :P
Love you!

Rachel - posted on 3/22/2007
Oh... I get it, he's doing yoga! Thats a pretty tough move.

Kelly - posted on 3/24/2007
He is sitting so well without using his arms for support, I am with you I think he is a genius.

Tawni Buente - posted on 4/1/2007
The boppy pillows are great for support. That's how both my kids learned to sit on their own. He's getting so big!!! He loves that camera too!

Unky Ryan - posted on 4/6/2007
I know I'm a dork for saying this but, 'Nice APG in the background of the carpet surfing video'.

starleneul - posted on 10/2/2009
production keep issues partially

stodwoodl - posted on 10/2/2009
joint iphone reviews early absolute

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