Uncle Ryan - posted on 8/15/2007
Well, this time tomorrow I'll be up there watching walk for myself. I'm looking forward to see everyone.

Uncle Ryan - posted on 8/15/2007
Sorry, that last message is a little bit like gibberish. I'm kinda hopped up on dayquil and sudafed (bad spelling). I'm been trying to beat this little head cold that I have.

Nanny - posted on 8/16/2007
The message and pictures are great. I would like to know what the doctor said about his growth and progression. Love you and have fun with Uncle Ryan.

Grandmama - posted on 8/21/2007
Josiah was so good throughout his birthday "week". I especially enjoyed the way he finished his peas--hiding them in his pocket. I guess the word finish has several meanings! He really seemed to enjoy himself.

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