Kelly - posted on 9/18/2007
I am sure grasshoppers are great for the immune system.

Grandmama - posted on 9/20/2007
My coworkers say to just dip the grasshopper in chocolate and it will be a delicacy.

The Dad - posted on 9/21/2007
You know, I got in trouble for suggesting chocolate chips with the next one. Hum... Oh well. :-)

Kimmie - posted on 9/21/2007
That's disgusting!

Rachel - posted on 9/27/2007
I know some very intelligent people who pay good money for chocolate covered grasshoppers. You should be more open minded :)

Kimmie - posted on 9/27/2007
Really? Hmmm...there are a lot of grasshoppers in Iowa. Maybe I can start a side business.

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