Nanny - posted on 11/5/2007
What can I say for myself, just that I was really taken by Kim's Kimmiemen!!! Okay, after I got over the first film I really enjoyed the others. My favorite two are of him hiding in the pantry and his dancing. Hopefully he will never learn to be afraid of the dark. Thank you for creating such personal experiences for us to enjoy and observe Josiah's learning and growing and Hermie's as well. We love you all.

Amanda (Boyle) Salgado - posted on 11/7/2007
I am just getting around to my Josiah update - as I have my hands full with my little one - but WOW how wonderful!!! Congrats to you and your family!! Phil I am so happy for you, you truly have a BEAUTIFUL family!!

rachel - posted on 11/15/2007
Sweet!! Next comes the liver!!!

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