Grandmama - posted on 11/28/2007
If Josiah is like most kids, he'll enjoy housework right up to the time he is old enough to really do it.

kelly - posted on 11/28/2007
Aaah for the end of the funky tummy!! I am glad to hear that there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

Rachel - posted on 11/30/2007
I think the funky tummy stuff just changes. I feel like my muscles are ripping apart every time I move but at least its not puke. I didn't know the little tadpole could pee! Gross! I have my 13 week thing on tuesday and i'm a little nervous because when I went in for some funkyness at 10 weeks they couldn't hear the heartbeat (sigh). Ok, this is enough rambling. I'm going to need to get your method on cloth diapers some time.
Love you!

Nanny - posted on 12/3/2007
This picture makes me thing of Uncle Casey. I don't know him well but Josiah looks like a little replica of him as I remember from the times I have been with your family. Love you.

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