Rachel - posted on 12/7/2007
oh, fun! coughing sore throat stuff :) Me and Kelly have that too. Watch out for the open house thing, they are so much fun but SOOOOOO much work and people get addicted :)
Wish I could be there.

Nanny - posted on 12/7/2007
This is when you need a grandma who lives across the street and loves to have little ones over to entertain and have fun spoiling. We had one or an auntie everywhere we lived. I heard a report on the radio this week about a research project giving evidence that honey is as good of a cough suppressant as anything you can purchase over the counter. I know it is sweet but anything else would be full of sugar as well and I don't think it would hurt Hermie.

Papa - posted on 12/7/2007
Hi! I don't read the blog as often as I should, but I thought I'd let you know I did this evening. It's a lot more fun than balancing the check book.

Keri - posted on 12/8/2007
Hermie? Wow, that's a great should stick with that if it's a boy :) Thanks for letting me and the crazy tantrum throwing monster come over yesterday. Hope you're feeling better, see you tonight!

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