Nanny - posted on 1/14/2008
Keep a running log because you will have some interesting experiences as you have already discovered. I laughed until I hurt having a vivid picture of what happened. Kimmie you do write well Your writing pictures are as great as your artistic pictures!!!

The Dad - posted on 1/15/2008
Interesting we can handle. :-) It's the wet ones we are not looking forward to. Well, not as forward anyway. Oh, Josiah actually came to us last night and ran to the bathroom saying potty. It was bedtime so we popped off his diaper and set him down. Amazingly enough, he actually went!! That won't happen again for a while!

Kelly - posted on 1/16/2008
How was day two??

Kimmie - posted on 1/17/2008
Another few pee-pee successes and even a poo! He IS a potty prodigy! :) I got a little too cocky today and decided we'd put on underwear and rubber pants...he hated the pants and promptly peed so he could get out of them. Hmmm. So maybe we're not ready for least on his bottom. We found another great use (I'll get a picture up soon).

rachel - posted on 1/17/2008
I don't think you being pregnant nix's the prodigy effect. You have four more months of peeing with Josiah to get him all trained up.
P.S. Why the heck would anyone want to wear rubber pants????

Kimmie - posted on 1/17/2008
I don't blame him for hating the pants, but I'm not going to make it any easier for him to poop around my house. He already thinks he should be allowed to walk around totally naked.

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