Tracy - posted on 3/17/2008
Personally, I got to the point where I asked, "do you really want to know, or do you want me to lie to you." Not the most demure answer, but it got my point across. I don't think you should have to lie to people - not to sound crass, but if they don't want to know the truth, they shouldn't ask. (don't I sound hateful today? this was one of my pet peeves when I was pregnant)

Diane - posted on 3/17/2008
Ah, that awkward silence when people get the truth they weren't expecting... :) Hey, if they ask, I would politely give them the truth. Keep it real!

Janice - posted on 3/17/2008
I would go for the truth. That is an annoying question, ranks up there with people asking me how soon my baby was due and I was 7 months along!

Memama - posted on 3/17/2008
I think "blessed" works. Even though you feel like you've been rode hard and put up wet, your life is still very blessed.

Memama - posted on 3/17/2008
Of course, some days you have to let people know that, while you feel blessed, the wet horse feeling is overcoming the blessed feeling.

Kelly - posted on 3/17/2008
Rode hard and put up wet...that is a phrase I have not heard in while (since I was in Texas). I very often tell people that I feel completely gross. but then I admit, sometimes I do lie...

Rachel - posted on 3/18/2008
I've been pretty honest with people but sometimes, especially when they get that confused look on their face, I feel guilty. Kind of like I'm crashing their party or something. Now I tell people that I'm getting excited to meet my kid and I'm more than ready to be done with the expanding stomach of doom thing.

Kelly - posted on 3/19/2008
I have noticed an interesting aspect of can wear the most horrid clothes and everyone still thinks you look great. I laugh all the time!

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