keri - posted on 8/1/2008
it's callled the spankin spoon baby....

Ryan - posted on 8/1/2008
I think that Casey and I did much worse things to mom than you. Just think about the karma we have in store for us. I'm thinking of becoming a preist now.

Kimmie - posted on 8/1/2008
Oh believe me, the spankin spoon has been working over time. And yes, if you believe in karma, you should become a priest!

Kelly - posted on 8/1/2008
I think you are the champion,I cried and I only had one baby, and my husband came home in the evenings.

Memama - posted on 8/2/2008
You were all wonderful kids and worth every minute of the mishaps you seemed determined to do.

Dad - posted on 8/7/2008
Hi, Kim. I suspect that Josiah's "attacks" are a response to Philip's absence. His life is structured and orderly, but when a part is missing, he becomes increasingly sensitive to it. He is out of sorts. So don't take it personally!!!

Dad, again - posted on 8/7/2008
I should explain my previous comment. I just finished a chapter on the impact of divorce on children (and thus the need for spiritual and emotional maturity). I am amazed again how dependent we are on relationships. God wired us together big time!

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