Memama - posted on 8/5/2008
Oh Lordy, I really needed that today. This has been an extremely stressed day and your blog made me laugh and put it into prospective-at least a little. Now, doctors yelling, patients not trying to get better and an new boss who's not too sure of himself seems like little bumps in the road. I do have to tell you that I'd rather have a beaver in the garage than the dumb squirrels Ryan just ran out from under the house. Again, they are just rats with tails. I think I'll print off your new motto and put it on my office wall at work. I love you kids.

Janice - posted on 8/5/2008
I am digging that motto, sounds like a good one for the fridge. Beaver? Wow, now that would be an unusual find in the garage. Maybe you need an outdoor cat to chase it away, I have a prego cat, but you might want that to be gone before then.....

Nanny - posted on 8/6/2008
Wow, I think that is just too cool. I wish he had stayed around long enough to be photographed. I didn't know they traveled that far from water or do I just not know how close water is to you. I love your motto as well and I'm sure it will find it's way to my office or in a devotional or sermon or something. It is just too good to not do something with. I love ya'll and can hardly wait until we can see you again. It seems like it has been a terribly long time. Your children are so photogenic. Grace's picture below is beautiful.

Ryan - posted on 8/8/2008
I found a picture of your killer beaver!
http://img208.image /1525/beavermonster flatsm4ji.jpg
Copy and Paste and make sure to take the spaces out of the middle.

The Dad: - posted on 8/8/2008
LOL, I expect that is exactly what it looked like. Good find!

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