Nanny - posted on 9/16/2008
You will do just fine by giving each child a dose of benadral. That is what I did with mine because the cabin pressure change hurt their ears and they ended up with painful ear infections while we were at home in Tennessee. People will be nice if they have children or if they have grandchildren or if our children are as Josiah was the last trip you made with just him. We will be praying for you that the trip will be a good one and that you will meet some really nice people. Also, we are praying for your time with your family. I hope every minute together will become a special memory for each of you. We love you! Hugs and kisses to Josiah and Grace!

Uncle Ryan - posted on 9/17/2008
I'll try to see if the people at DFW will be nice and let me and mom past security to help you out of the gate. I'm looking forward to seeing you!!!

The Dad - posted on 9/17/2008
I know they can offer gate passes, but I am not sure who you have to buy lunch for to get one. The ability is there though. Good luck!!

Kimmie - posted on 9/17/2008
Oh, I hope you can get through! That would really help. If they give you any trouble I'll tell Josiah he can use his 'outside voice' and I bet they'll let you help us get out of there!

Sherry Caffey - posted on 9/19/2008
We are so excited about your visit to Temple. I want you to know that I have a room ready for you and Josiah, one ready for your mom and the baby bed is
ready for Grace. I would be thrilled to have you stay at our home. This would save $$$ and I would be able to have a good visit with your mom. Okay, I will quit pressuring, but just know that my door is always open and I will leave the light on also. Love you Sherry

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