Dawn - posted on 1/4/2009
I pick Chunky Monkey, a much more fun name, and I think it would hide any mud a bit better!

Tracy - posted on 1/4/2009
agreed - chunky monkey all the way!

Bomp - posted on 1/4/2009
Mimi & I go with Chunky Monkey.

sherry Caffey - posted on 1/4/2009
I like the black one. Oh no, there is no black one. I guess my vote can't count. Good luck. Either one will be nice. There is no wrong decision here. Just the way I like it.

Janice - posted on 1/4/2009
I am with the others on the Chunky Monkey, but mostly b/c the name is fun. But ultimately I would pick the fabric that is most durable and cleans the bestjust think of wet goldfish crackers smeared on it, which fabric would wipe clean better? And which one would the fish get stuck in between the fibers? We got the durosuede and that stuff cleans like magic! Not to make the choice harder.

Memama - posted on 1/5/2009
As I told you in my email this weekend, I too like the Chunky Monkey. Which one were you two favoring?

Kimmie - posted on 1/5/2009
Originally we were split with me liking the Monkey, but now we both keep going back and forth. The other fabric doesn't show up on here very well, so it's a tougher decision than it appears.

Nanny - posted on 1/5/2009
I agree with Janice. I like the Chunky Monkey but I don't know how large the weaving is and if it might snag easier or be more difficult to clean. It looks like it would be a better choice for hiding dirty hand marks but I can't tell how light or dark they really are from this swat. The size of the weave would be my greatest concern. If the Chunky Monkey is a larger weave it might be or get scratchy. You can't make a bad choice.

Booger face - posted on 1/5/2009
I don't care what they look like, if anything is called Chunky Monkey, I'm all over it. (i.e Ben and Jerry's ice cream....mmmmm)

Kelly - posted on 1/6/2009
They are both nice, I would flip a coin.

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