Memama - posted on 1/14/2009
Thanks for letting us know when the heat came on. Glad to know you're warm and toasty. I love the "sea kittens"-is that the new PC term? Wonder which fish complained :)

Janice - posted on 1/14/2009
Sea Kittens? Seriously? They are not fluffy and snuggly, or even that cute. Maybe fun to watch, and neat to look at, but definately not kitten-like. Glad you got the heat worked out and it was an easy fix. We had something like that happen a few years ago but it was the meter that was frozen. crazy.

Janice - posted on 1/14/2009
ok wait, so are the fresh water ones river, stream and lake kittens? We wouldnt want to descriminate based on where they live....gesh

Dawn - posted on 1/15/2009
We had a heat issue once that was caused by our children putting dirts clods down the exhaust pipe outside!

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