Tracy - posted on 2/3/2009
You took the words right out of my head - these are definitely lessons I need to learn!!! Thanks for sharing!

Nanny - posted on 2/4/2009
Just hold that thought until it becomes more natural for you and you will have a wonderfully happy family. It took me most of the boys' growing up days to figure out that life really was happier when I did things just good enough and it saved me a lot of anxiety.

Memama - posted on 2/4/2009
You also have to factor in all the extra things you do with such amazing skill-like the train party, the quilt making, the artistic endeavors you're always doing. Very few mothers of young children are able to stretch their day to include such things. You are making wonderful memories for your whole family. Don't sell yourself short. You do so many things so well. Concentrate on those things and not the routine stuff you can't always get around to.

Janice - posted on 2/5/2009
I still struggle at times with leaving it to be good enough. I let my house be a healthy dirty b/c I dont want to live in an operating room. I used to freak out when someone would com to the door and Mt Foldme would be cascading off the chair, I admit is still is a bit embarrassing, but folding laundry for 7 is a task that I dont like. Just keep focused on what is important, you've got it Philip and the kids will be much happier to have a happy wife and mom than a run down, very stressed one who has everything perfect. Plus, your kiddos will be much happier to be with you and as they grow, you can teach them to help. Perfect on the outside may look nice, but it causes too much stress on the inside to be worth it. Also just try to look at the "mess" or things left undone and be thankful for the reason that they are there: Kids to love and a husband to adore.

Rachel - posted on 2/5/2009
yeah. Ditto on the "life is short" thing. Also, I figure that the people that really matter will accept me the way I am. With that in mind, I just do the best I can to keep my priorities straight and leave it at that.

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