sherry - posted on 2/13/2009
Josiah just cracks me up. I love his creativity. Your couches look wonderful. Relax and enjoy them.

keri - posted on 2/13/2009
Ooooooh, I love it. We'll definitely be coming over more often just to chill on the new couch. It's huge! Congrats on your new additions.

Rachel - posted on 2/14/2009
That boy is the coolest. :)
I really like your green walls!
Dori-the-fish-that-swims isn't really THAT bad...

Memama - posted on 2/14/2009
The sectional is beautiful!!
You know, since Josiah keeps saying he's gonna be Janice the Dolphin or a red dolphin when he grows up, at least he and Dori could swim together! Not sure about Crabby unless he means a crab and not a grouch :)

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