Janice - posted on 2/27/2009
What has worked no fail with us (unless fabric was exposed) is to use 2 prefolds, one folded up one laid flat, put baby in fold around, secure with snappie, tuck in excess fabric, add plastic pants on top. Could possibly add insert for extra absorbtion. I have extra prefolds if you want to give it a try, may have snappies as well. Our plastic pants would probably be too big for grace though, but they can be purchased at walmart. Just email me, I could get some to you if you want to try it.

Nanny - posted on 2/28/2009
If the suggestion Janice gave doesn't work completely you might try what I did with both boys. I purchased one of the large changing pads, put it on the bed in the area where they slept and then covered it with a large but thin baby blanket folded double and laid it over the pad and tucked the ends under the mattress. It usually got wet but it protected the sheet and all I had to wash each day was the blanket and it wasn't as hard to replace on the bed as a sheet can be. I learned it from my years of work in a nursing home. Love you all!

Carolyn - posted on 3/3/2009
Here are the words of advice that my Mom always gave me when I was exasperated. "Don't worry they won't do that when they are sixteen & when they are sixteen, you will be wishing for the things that they used to do" I never understood that advice until I had a child that was sixteen years old. I remember those days & sympathize with you. The middle of the night is not the time to have to change sheets!

Diane - posted on 3/3/2009
We resorted to Huggies nighttimes (I don't think that is their real name, but you can find them). They work wonderfully! I'm a little bummed we ran out this week...

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