Kelly - posted on 3/8/2009
I can imagine that the thought of homeschooling would be intimidating, but I KNOW you will do a great job. You would not have to read a single book on the subject and you would still do a great job. Remember that learning is fun, yours and his, and that he may or maynot know if you make a mistake, and it does not matter either way.

Janice - posted on 3/8/2009
Kim, you ar very fortunate to be in a church where there are alot of homeschooling families to get ideas from. Besides, your trip to the pet store could be considered school right there. Learning from life! That is pretty easy.

sherry - posted on 3/9/2009
mine & Ricky's fondest memories are of homeschooling. If it hadn't been for the flexible schedule, Ricky would have missed so much of their growing up. I love it and you will too. The elementary years are like playing with a purpose. The whole thought just makes me smile.

granola mama - posted on 3/9/2009
You seriously deprived your almost three year old of a granola bar until now? Poor dude.

Rachel - posted on 3/9/2009
That sounds like an awesome day! I think I'd buy some of that weird art stuff just for the heck of it. Well.... ok, maybe not. But if someone GAVE it to me... I's probably put a clay dear head on my wall and then tell people that the meat was really tough and we just made burgher out of it. :P

Kimmie - posted on 3/10/2009
I love you, Rach!

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