Dawn - posted on 4/28/2009
You are right!

Memama - posted on 4/28/2009
I especially love the expression.

Rachel - posted on 4/29/2009
Mom's need to have these sorts of pictures to embarrass their kids in front of potential girlfriends/boyfriends. :)

Carolyn - posted on 4/29/2009
That reminds me, I need to go thru all my pictures. I might have one or two that might be well worth the trouble. It seems like I have one or two of you! I seem to remember one of you and Shannon dressed up.

Memama - posted on 4/29/2009
I too have some of those. The two of you acting like nuts and laughing.

Kimmie - posted on 4/29/2009
I had some, but I think I lost them when my room had water damage.

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