Memama - posted on 5/5/2009
OK, we were a little slow...Case and I had just been talking about your anniversary. Doesn't seem possible that it was 8 years ago. Sure has been a busy 8 years!
Tell Josiah I like Cinderella too. Not a name you hear everyday. Where did he get Avery? Must be a friend up there.

Kimmie - posted on 5/5/2009
Yep, he's been going through all the recent baby names at church.

Jill - posted on 5/5/2009
WOOO WOOOOO! Congrats!

Kelly - posted on 5/5/2009
Congratulations you busy bunnies! We are going to sit this round out...we will catch you on the next go around.

Rachel - posted on 5/6/2009
Sheesh! Names already. You folks are speedy.

Memama - posted on 5/6/2009
Incidentally, that Viking range goes for $9000+, not $900. It's my dream range!

Tracy - posted on 5/7/2009
congrats you guys!

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