Memama - posted on 5/14/2009
Did you have a funeral for the little birds? You kids used to make me plan funerals for everything-even fish. Remember when we buried Casey's fish Fluffy? Little coffin, little cloth to pad it and a cross on the grave. I thought a burial at sea (toilet) was more appropriate but you guys were determined!

Papa - posted on 5/15/2009
It is amazing to watch the development of empathy in children. Josiah is way ahead of the pack. Tell him that I am doing great in Romania. I hadn't thought of it until this minute, but I will try to get me in a picture that I can send. This is the end of our first week, and I'm about adjusted--last night was the first one of decent sleep. The students are gung-ho, so that makes it easy. They are going to out in the villages today, so I'm taking the day to work on my book. Love to everyone!

Kelly - posted on 5/16/2009
What does BG mean?? And all those other abbreviations used on parenting message boards. I always try and think of what they mean, like baby girl or boy girl or baby the abbreviation illiterate!

Kimmie - posted on 5/16/2009
Just short for Boy/Girl since we don't know what it is yet. I get confused by a lot of those abbreviations too.

Rachel - posted on 5/16/2009
I would have cried for the bird. I've been quite leaky myself these days. Its great that you have such a great little man to look after you. :)

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