The Dad - posted on 5/18/2009
Why? Because you love me... and I love you too. You rock!! p.s. Most of the time I can actually tell. ;-)

Nanny - posted on 5/19/2009
I did and felt exactly the same way and drove myself and probably my boys crazy. I was frustrated all the time. Finally, I now understood that a thorough cleaning once a week is all that really matters. The rest of the time we play and enjoy each other and when we are done with one demolition then we put it away and go to another. Mama told me that through the week you just keep a "picked up" house and don't worry about the cleaning unless it is a "must do clean-up". You are the best and I love you.

Rachel - posted on 5/19/2009
yeah, but if no one ever did the cleaning there would just be INCHES of cheerios and grass instead of a light dusting :) Its more like "damage control" rather than "cleaning".

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