Kelly - posted on 6/23/2009
I am still having a hard time wrapping my mind around kid number three. Your Grace is so super cute, I wish we could get the kids together to play, she and Camille look alike they could be bosom buddies if we go off of your favorites list.

Nanny - posted on 6/24/2009
Okay, so now we now that we are going to have another boy!? Is Josiah helping you choose his name? By-the-way, I think your long hair is very pretty. You and Grace are beautiful girls and I love the new pictures of the three of you.

Kimmie - posted on 6/24/2009
No, I just think it's a boy. Josiah thinks it's a girl. Have to wait a couple more months before we find out.

Memama - posted on 6/25/2009
Any word on what's causing Grace's fevers yet? Hope she's feeling better.

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