Dawn - posted on 8/25/2009
The pee stool!! Very clever

Sherry - posted on 8/26/2009
Love your post!! When I went through potty training with Kyle, who also was not in favor of big boy underwear, I resorted to bribery. It work like a charm. I kept a bag of M & M's on the bathroom window ledge where he could see them, but not reach them. I told him every time he went potty I would give him 3 (because he was 3) M & M's. We were trying all the time. I then had to say he would only get the candy when we had "success" in the potty. It worked like a charm. Love you and it really will not take that long.

Rachel - posted on 8/26/2009
Josiah is a great science experiment for me. I am excitedly watching and learning. (heh heh heh...)
At least its summer! Lots of time left to run around in underwear or less :)

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