Diane - posted on 11/6/2009
Congrats! I can't believe you can go from bed rest to average that quick, I'm impressed :) I also can't wait to see this little girl's hair :)

Janice - posted on 11/6/2009
WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! Good to hear that you are up, gotta feel like a new woman. Sounds like maybe this one will have hair like Grace?

Sherry - posted on 11/7/2009
That is great news. Glad that you are now able to get up and move around. Enjoy, as much as you can for being 33 weeks, the rest of your pregancy.

Kelly - posted on 11/7/2009
I wish there was someway you could share some of the hair love with us!! I anticipate another baldy and Camille still barely has enough hair to see.

Dawn - posted on 11/7/2009
Average has never felt so good!!

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