The Dad - posted on 12/8/2009
Just for the record, Google says that you double their height at the age of 2 years old, not 18 months. She might catch up a little. Maybe.

Dawn - posted on 12/8/2009
she could always marry Quincy, he may be one of the only 6 year olds I know who is 36 pounds!! Kyler may also be an option. 16 months and not 20 lbs yet. Good company.

Amgad - posted on 12/9/2009
Or she could always go for Joey... One year and he is over 26 lbs!! He is celebrating his 1 yr B-Day today. We are praying for you guys!

Diane - posted on 12/9/2009
Hey, nothing wrong with being short! :)

Vuiuupfr - posted on 1/8/2010

Wkdesbty - posted on 1/8/2010

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