Rachel - posted on 1/4/2010
Today was going to be Kass' first day back at work but he had mercy on me. He is going to work some half days this week and give me a chance to figure out how to manage two kids before we go off the deep end.

Kelly - posted on 1/4/2010
Just reading about your day makes me very tired! We have been doing a lot of plastic food play around here too. I cannot tell you how many plastic veggies I have 'eaten'.

Kimmie - posted on 1/4/2010
Grace isn't so interested in the veggies...she goes for the cookies and little boxes that look like processed food. I have no idea why she likes them so much, we don't even have the real things in our house.

Memama - posted on 1/5/2010
The only reason I know the difference between the 2 pictures is Kimmie told me!

Kelly - posted on 1/6/2010
I know, I know...but not because of the babies. The pictures have a tell.

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