Sherry Caffey - posted on 2/15/2010
so glad to find you again. Kasia looks just like Grace. Thanks for the pictures. It helps make the miles not so you

Kelly - posted on 2/16/2010
I am just glad to be able to access your blog again. Somehow I missed the moving memo and have been frustrated for over a week because I could not get to the old one. Thankfully P posted on facebook and I realized the error of my ways. Love you guys, it sounds like the beginning of an awesome tradition.

The Dad - posted on 2/16/2010
Sorry for the confusion. I wasn't sure how to redirect the RSS feed so I just posted on both sites. I am glad everyone found us again. I hope everyone has found us again. :-)

Helleojagasip - posted on 6/18/2010
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krajnjan - posted on 8/25/2011
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