Memama - posted on 4/11/2010
Glad the week is over for you. With a little luck (and the antibiotics) hopefully this week will be better. Wow the hostas came at a good time with the chili dinner looming near. Not sure how they are up there but, with Texas heat, you have to plant them in a bed that gets partial shade or they burn up. Course, your summer is a lot milder than ours.
Hope you all get a good night's sleep tonight. Love you.

Janice - posted on 4/12/2010
I dont know if you remember those yellow flowers I have out front of my house, I am needing to thin them out if you would like some. I believe they are called sundrops and are very low maintenance

Memama - posted on 4/12/2010
Oh wow Kim, sundrops are neat, bright, like sunlight and deer don't like them!! They kinda look like the Coreopsis that grow in frony of M&B's here in the summer!

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