Kelly - posted on 7/14/2010
That picture is unbelievable! Poor thing. You are in inspiration to grabbing the camera instead of freaking out.

Kimmie - posted on 7/14/2010
I was really just documenting how bad it was just in case it got better before we got to the hospital. I didn't want some tired doc to send us home without really checking her out!

Memama - posted on 7/14/2010
So sorry to hear Gracie has been puny but glad to get your phone message that it's getting better. So she's a girly-girl now. Aunt Sam will be thrilled!!

Kelly - posted on 7/15/2010
Good call.

Rachel - posted on 7/17/2010
ugh. thats awful. I hope you guys have a good restful weekend.

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