Lyn - posted on 2/25/2011
Just hang in there. I remember those days like they were yesterday and when I was there I thought they would never end. Now I don't sleep because I'm worried whether the 20 year old is taking care of herself or waiting for her to get home when she is out late with friends. I wonder if the 18 year old has started looking at colleges, taken his meds or is actually sleeping instead of playing video games or texting who knows who. Soon it will be too quiet and you still won't be able to sleep, because it is too quiet. Will pray for a good night sleep for all.

Dad - posted on 2/28/2011
And these are the "good old days!" Not really. Each stage of children's lives have unique challenges, but I think these are the toughest. It will get better.

Deef - posted on 3/30/2011
If you didn't see the post before... Patricia Heaton is supporting Reece's Rainbow with a donation of $1 for each person that follows RR on twitter. Please consider making a difference for these precious children who happen to have Down syndrome -- and need loving homes.

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