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Yeah, We're Deep Around Here
We've had a fun summer over here and one of the best parts has been getting to see Josiah profess his faith in Jesus Christ last week. We went to a baptism class today so he could see if he was comfortable enough to stand up in front of the church next week and I think he's good to go. He got to visit the baptistry and thought it was really cool that there was a bathtub in the church! He practiced giving his testimony to Pastor Andy and our 'homework' this week is to do pretend baptisms this week so he's at ease with it by next weekend.

Not to be left out of the action, the girls have been professing their faith as well....sort of. Right after we prayed with Josiah last week he decided it was time to convert his sisters. Knowing his audience, he went to Grace first and told her she could be a princess (of King Jesus) if she prayed to Him. Grace is usually looking for a way to be a princess so she promptly came to me asking to pray. Sensing that her motives weren't quite correct I told her we'd do that prayer when she was a little older. :) He tried the same tactic with Kasia, who informed him that she already IS a princess! He was having a harder time with Leeza until today during his first Communion when she realized he was eating a 'snack' that she couldn't have. She informed us during lunch that she was ready to pray too. Yeah, we're raising exceptionally spiritually deep children over here!

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