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Wandering Hearts
In honor of Valentine's Day we are trying something new this year. Each member of the family was given a bean bag heart and the instructions to do secret acts of love for other family members and then put their heart on the pillow of the person they did something for. When you find a heart on your pillow you have 24 hours to do something for someone else and put the heart on their pillow. You may figure out what was done for you and by whom or it might remain a secret, although in a household with this many preschoolers secrets aren't kept for long! We've already given kisses, stickers, picnics and acts of service...and of course they've been thrown at siblings in what I'm hoping was love.

A Place For People Like Us
It feels almost un-American to admit it, but Philip and I not only don't really care about sports, we had no idea who was playing in the Super Bowl until it actually started. However, it didn't seem fair to be left out of all the festivities so we invited over another disinterested friend for an un-Super Bowl party. 7 kids, 3 adults, lots of chips and a great time.

Everyone here is well again, but it was pretty challenging getting to this point. There aren't many places to go up here in the winter and even fewer with a sick kid, but we were getting a little stir crazy being stuck in the house so we went to the one place it was ok...the doctor's office. Kasia's 2 month check up was our major outing of the week (sad, I know). She is doing fine, but still a little jaundiced. We had her levels checked again and were told she'll be fine and her liver will slowly clear everything up. Until then she's still a little drowsy for most the day, but with 2 older kids that's a blessing! She's now 9lb 4oz, smiles, has baby acne and green poo, loves to eat and hates tummy time. She slept 8 hours for the first time last week and hasn't done it again since, but I have hope that I'll get to sleep again soon!

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Highs and Lows
High - The neighborhood open house went great! We had 3 new families come and found out several are Christians and have young kids. I lost count of how many people showed up, but I know it was over 30 and more than half of those were kids. Amazingly enough none of them fought, acted up or tracked food around the house. Josiah made friends with a new boy down the road and they ate most of bowl of gum drops together...he thought it was great.

High - Grace pee-pees in the potty for the first time.
Low - Philip and I get horribly sick and spend the whole night by the potty.

High - Our lovely neighbor brings Sprite and Gatorade over to keep us from dehydrating.
Low - We missed our Perspectives class at church and apparently it was awesome.

High - Grace poos in the potty for the first time!
Low - Josiah just got sick and will spend the night by the potty.

There seems to be a link between Grace's potty successes and the rest of us getting sick. Maybe she's not ready to start potty training!


On The Move...
Hey Everyone. A Husband hijack here to bring you all some news. Many of you may know that our blog is hosted on an old PC sitting next to my desk in our office. It is nice, but has some serious limitations on our rather slow and unreliable internet service. Well, that has all changed. As of today, our blog has officially moved to a professional hosting company. Hopefully this will mean faster video and image downloads as well as a more reliable site. Because of this, if you were to venture to the old websketchings address you would see a nice little redirect page. (Don't believe me, take a peek yourself.

Ah, where is the blog now you might ask? Well, it can now be enjoyed at Hopefully this will make it easier to remember and share. So, what does this all mean for you? There is really only one thing you need to do. Please take a second to update your bookmarks or rss feeds. After that, well, sit back and enjoy a cookie! There are a few to share to the right. :-)

Thanks for being a part of our life and if you enjoyed the cookies leave us a comment. After all, your comments help keep us entertained. :-)

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Worth Reading
The links from this other blog are pretty amazing. Take a minute and read them, they're worth it...


Duct Tape Parenting
The uses for duct tape are truly limitless. Here are a few I've been dreaming of trying lately:
  • to tie Josiah down in bed in each night
  • to quiet whining, screaming or crying mouths
  • to tether each childs' sippy cup to their more lost cups
  • to restrain wiggly milk-spilling children to their seats
  • to secure Grace's diaper so she'll stop saying, "biaper...I perbed"
  • (diaper...I pooped) and ripping the offending diaper off before I can get to her
  • to wrap around toddler feet, sticky side out, so they can walk around the table and clean up all the food they just dropped
  • to secure Josiah to the potty when he has to go and doesn't want to sit still


I think we may have found our groove again. I realized that this past week Kasia had several good nights, I made it to Walmart TWICE with all the kids, I worked out 5 days and the kids and I made it through a morning of sliding down our hill (in the car, not a sled) and being unable to reach the house for half the day with no meltdowns. I won't say it's easy yet, but I think we're starting to get the hang of being a family of 5.

The kids are all changing pretty quickly right now. Kasia is 5 and a half weeks old now and going through a growth spurt. She seems to have some pretty light roots in her hair and we're wondering if she'll go blond like Josiah. She's the calmest baby we've had so far and rarely cries. Grace is becoming the social butterfly of the same nurseries she used to be banned from at church. She loves talking and dancing and will eat almost anything you call a cookie (I've gotten her to try several new foods at dinner by calling them 'cookies'). She's also starting to learn how to count, but always wants to start at 3 instead of 1. Josiah is continuing to try to read and getting pretty close, still loves his trains and likes kissing and hugging Kasia. He's been testing some boundaries, and our patience, lately but I suppose that's to be expected. God is keeping us very busy!


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