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Off The Charts
We had Josiah's 3 year check up this morning and he's off the charts, but in the opposite direction of Grace. He's 34 pounds (75th) and 41.5 inches (about 110th). He's doing fine and I was tremendously relieved to find out there were no shots for this appointment since I'm still turning down the chicken pox vaccine. We're hoping he can just get the virus and be done with it, but we're learning that's hard to do since most kids get the vaccine now. So if anyone out there hears about a family with pox would you let them know we'd love some of their cooties? Seriously.

I suppose it's time for some stats, so here goes...
Favorite food: gumdrops, mandarin oranges, chocolate milk, mushroom pizza
Least favorite food: green beans (sorry dude, there's a garden full of 'em!)
Favorite game: it's a tie between hide and seek and pirate sword
Favorite song: Still ABCs. He sings it so much Grace has started singing the tune.
Favorite book: Clifford and Franklin books
Favorite new phrase: 'Mama, your belly is BIG!' This is the same kid who took great joy in telling me I waddled with Grace. Tact is not a strength yet.


It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To
We had the train party Saturday (complete with chocolate train cake, gumdrops and party hats like Josiah requested) and it was...interesting. Josiah had a great time helping me bake his cakes and make the flags we hung up, but was a bit overwhelmed by the actual party. Three of his friends came over and decorated cookies, attempted to blow bubbles, had lawn mower rides (Philip hooked a trailer up behind the riding mower) and ate cake with him. One of them was fascinated with the Grandma in the computer sitting at the table with us via the miracle of Skype. They had such a good time that none of them seemed to even notice that he kept crying and getting pulled aside by us. On top of the meltdowns it rained on a morning that was supposed to be completely clear, the bubbles wouldn't work (we're guessing because the humidity was through the roof), and it was the hottest day of the whole year (about 30 degrees warmer than it has been most days). We figured the silver lining was that our guests were all 4 and under and honestly didn't care that things weren't working according to plan. They got to eat more sugar than most of them are allowed to consume in a month and were sent home with balloons and party hats...apparently that was the key to a successful party at this age. Even funnier was that as soon as it was over Josiah said he had a great time and didn't seem to remember the meltdowns either.

His birthday is tomorrow and he's still very excited. He got to pick out our dinner (homemade mushroom pizza) and will get his gift. We'll also be converting the crib into a toddler bed and I have very mixed feelings about this. It's time and he's been waiting patiently, but if it were up to me we'd keep him in a crib until he graduated high school. I've heard all the stories of mini escapees and their midnight adventures from our friends and I'm so not looking forward to that. Here's to hoping this will be a smooth transition!


It's A....
...Girl! I was so convinced BG was a boy that I kept looking for the missing 'parts,' but they just weren't there. We haven't agreed on a name yet so we're sticking with Cinderella for the time being. She looked perfectly healthy and was quite the gymnast. Josiah stayed at a friends house during the appointment (Thank you Keri, you rock!) and Grace gave Philip a work out as he tried to entertain her for an hour and a half in an office that was not designed with a one year old in mind. Josiah seemed excited to hear the news, but was more interested in the fact that he has another wiggly sister.

Before There Were Dinosaurs
Mom and Sadie just spent about a week with us for Sadie's summer vacation. We thought it was very sweet that she chose to come play with Josiah when she could pick anywhere she wanted to go. They had a blast and Josiah is already planning her trip for next summer. We stayed fairly busy...between family night, a picnic, a couple parks, the library, the pool, going out to eat and a day at the Children's Museum we were ready for nap time each day. Everyone except Sadie, who quietly watched movies until the kids got up and were recharged to start playing again. While I think we have some good pictures of our adventures (we're not sure since we accidentally left the camera in Mom's car which is now back in Illinois), one of the more memorable moments was during a conversation about dinosaurs when Mom informed Josiah that there were no dinosaurs when she was little. Philip and I both tried to keep straight faces and ended up laughing out loud anyway. It's not often that someone will confess to being THAT old!

Time to get cleaned up for dinner. We've been watching the cement truck pour the foundation for our wood burner in the back yard. We thought Josiah would love it, but he just seemed a little grossed out that 'there's a lot of icky stuff in there.' Grace, of course, wanted to dive into the mess.


Whew, we've been busy! We spent the weekend in Tennessee at Philip's family reunion. It took about 9.5 hours to get there and both kids did amazingly well, even poor Grace who's still too little to face front so she spent the entire trip looking at a headrest...and her feet (she's crazy flexible). We spent 4 days in the land of kudzu and cotton, fried food and BBQ and cousins, cousins and more cousins. Grace ate her weight in baked beans and fresh peaches each day and Josiah couldn't get over how many times a day he got to eat dessert. Both kids played outside with various cousins, second cousins and second cousins once removed (I think I got that right) until they were filthy each day and thoroughly loved it. God answered our prayers about sleeping and they both took great naps and slept through the night...hallelujah!
The kids and I went grocery shopping Tuesday morning when we returned, only to have the van die in the Walmart parking lot. While it's not fun to be stranded with kids and a car load of food, we were SO thankful that it didn't happen while we were on the road. Our knight in a dusty Civic (shining armor wouldn't hold up well on gravel roads) came to rescue us and we're now waiting for the fuel pump to be replaced. In the meantime, Mom and Sadie are here for the week and have been keeping the kids busy and entertained. I had to calm Grace down early this morning and while I was rocking her in the dark I hear Josiah in his bed saying, "Mama, are Sadie and Nanny still here? I want to play now!" Somehow I don't think they'd appreciate being woken at 4:30am to play, no matter how cute he is!


Cleaning And The Big Date
Mondays are cleaning days and I've managed to work out a schedule where I can get a pretty good start on it before the kids get out of bed, primarily motivated by the fact that Grace insists on walking on freshly mopped floors and falls and hurts herself every time. This week I couldn't get the Erma Bombeck quote out of my head...'Cleaning the house while your children are young is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing.' By the time lunch had come I had 2 piles of dirt and crumbs, cheerios and raisins on the mopped floor, more cheerios on the vacuumed carpet and baby drool on the freshly washed sheets. Josiah and I cleaned windows, only to realize that Grace was following us around licking them and then smearing her face all around. The final straw came when I figured they couldn't mess up the house anymore if I just kept them out of it, so we headed outside to play in the pool. Two naked kids were happily splashing in the pool while I swept out the garage...until they both suddenly had the urge and I turned around to see Grace leaving a pile of poo (on the swept floor, of course) and Josiah spraying down the driveway. By the time the afternoon was over there were 2 more piles and Josiah had 'sprayed' enough to begin figuring out that he can aim too. Oh boy.

On a different note, Josiah and I went to his first movie this morning while a dear friend watched Grace. He was in awe as we picked out his snack, got a balloon from the clown and went into the theater. Everything was great until the movie actually started and then he insisted we leave. I talked him into staying by letting him sit on my lap and explaining pretty much the whole story since it was a little over his head. We both had a great time and he is already asking when we can go back. I'm a little hesitant about that though, because in my pregnant state I make very frequent visits to the restroom, which isn't possible when you have a 30 pound kid on you and you're trapped in the middle of a row. It was somewhat uncomfortable, but funny at the same time when I realized I actually had 2 kids sitting on my bladder at the same time. Maybe Daddy will get to take him next time!


The World According to Josiah
I try to keep a running list of funny or strange things Josiah blurts's the current one:
  • Iím not a big fan of sleeping.

  • J: My button has gas.
    Me: Do you mean you have gas?
    J: No, the button on my shirt has gas.
    Me: How did it get there?
    J: A crane puts air in there.

  • Iím starving for death. (for=to)

  • Mama, youíre a fixer. Daddy and me are vacuumers. Gracie is a messer

  • J: I really need a fuzzy blanket hug.
    (we hug)
    J: Last night I had a lot of boogies and I wiped them all over my blanket. (Yuck!)

  • J: What comes after Saturday?
    Philip: Sunday
    J: What comes after Sunday?
    Philip: Monday
    ....they progress through the whole week...
    J: What comes after Thursday?
    Philip: Friday
    J: And THEN we get to go to heaven!

  • My tummy is hungry and itís reaching out for a hug.

  • (after discussing rules for using his new scissors he came up with this addition) Bad Scissor Rules: Donít cut off Mamaís arms and legs. Then youíd have to use your mouth to get balloons and stickers.


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