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Train Party
Philip has had a crazy few days and I told Josiah yesterday that we should do something special for Daddy when he got home to cheer him up, thinking maybe we'd just make a special dessert or something. Adult plans are tame compared to what a 2 year old can come up with. Josiah decided Daddy needed a train sandwich birthday party with balloons and little chocolate birthday cakes. Oh, OK. Since I couldn't figure out how to make a train out of sandwiches (which was his first idea), we made a train on the table out of his wooden building blocks and covered each car with a little saran wrap so we could serve our food out of them. We had 3 different kinds of sandwiches in one car, fruit and veggies in another and chips in the last one. We also had pretzel stick tracks. With balloons hanging from the chandelier we enjoyed our train party and mini chocolate cupcakes. Philip was amused and felt loved, so we accomplished our goal.

We took Grace back in for another weigh-in this morning and she gained a whopping 2 ounces. We were hoping for more, but at least she still gained. So, while the rest of the country has given up on their weight loss resolutions and has long since forgotten their treadmills and diets, Grace has been given the go-ahead to eat as much as she wants and gain. Must be nice.


Josiah has a strong aversion to peels right now...of any kind. In the past few weeks he's peeled (his method involves chewing the food up and then spitting out the offending peel) apples, orange segments, pears, grapes, kidney and black beans, peas, toast (the crust looks like a peel to him) and popcorn. Bet you didn't know you could peel popcorn, huh? At least he's not boring.

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes
-I was disobedient. Now I have to be 'panked.
-I want to ask you a questin' (and he puts an imaginary 'question' in your hand).
-Gracie said Thomas' (the train) name was 'gaaaa daaaa.' It's not! Make her say it right!
-When I grow up I want to be a red dolphin, Mama.
-My poop is melting (note to adults: always pay attention to this statement)
-This cauliflower isn't cauliflowered.
-Are you taking your pinature (temperature), Mama?
-That's the dishwasher we got at the man store!
-Can I do big things when I get bigger?
-The little scary Gracie giant wants to eat me.
-Can I be done with my lunch so I can be a putz too?
-Take a chill pill Gracie!
-I love you big Mama
-Why does Gracie poop/'cream so much?
-gaaaaa daaaaaaa
-Most of the time she just screams.


A Little Honesty
Grace is in, well, a challenging stage. As long as she's securely attached to her mama's hip, she's fine. Try to leave her with someone else and you can hear her howling from a mile away (although she is getting better about being with Philip). We do have a girl who will babysit for us, but we have to pay her pretty well because we know that she'll have to put up with screaming for at least half of the time we're gone. In recent weeks we've been asked to remove Grace from the church nursery 3 times...this from women who have raised huge families and can handle just about any child, except Grace. Of course, all of them are very sweet about it and tell us to keep trying but you know that they are really relieved to have the screamer gone. Then yesterday the youth of our church announced that they were offering babysitting for the kids of the church on Valentines Day. Apparently there was some discussion about what ages they would accept and they decided the kids had to be at least 6 months old...except that would mean Grace would be eligible and they weren't crazy about that idea. This was passed on to me somewhat jokingly...somewhat. We frequently get comments about how cute she is and I can't help thinking that God made her this cute because He knew what a handful she was going to be.

We Do Not Own A Snowmobile
Despite my best efforts today, our van will not double as a snowmobile. Against my better judgment I decided to use one of the country roads to get into town this morning...all I got was stuck. I actually wasn't in a ditch, but as my tires sunk in a few feet of snow that had drifted across the road I realized that didn't matter. In the middle of wide open fields of snow I suddenly felt very claustrophobic and begrudgingly started making calls to Philip and AAA and prepared myself for a long wait for the tow truck. Turns out it was a very good thing that I'd called Philip first because he quickly found a neighbor who was willing to come plow and pull me out in just a few minutes. As we watched him work behind us I got to point out to Josiah how Jesus was taking care of us...and remind myself in the process. We never did get to town, but we did slow down enough to reclaim a hectic day and remember to be thankful for our blessings.

I'm Grateful For....
-healthy kids, a wonderfully patient husband and the hope I get from God.
-a warm house and an electric blanket
-an abundance of food and clothes
-a husband who dreams bigger dreams for me than I do
-black bean soup, gas station cappuccinos and margarita pizza
-fun new fabric
-friends who are hilariously funny and love me
-Josiah hugs and kisses
-the little girl falling asleep in my arms


You Know It's Cold When...
-the suspension on your car sounds like something that belongs on a covered wagon.
-you can get frost bite just getting in your car.
-your spit freezes before it hits the ground (ok, not really...I tried this morning).
-your town makes it on the national news for being stinking cold.
-the sheep have icicles on them.
-the weatherman says to expect a 50 degree warm up in the coming week...and you STILL won't be above freezing.
It's -29 here today, -50 with the wind chill. My brain can't really wrap itself around that number. All I know is it's insanely cold and we're not going anywhere we don't have to. On the bright side, it's too cold to snow and the wind has stopped so the snow drifts have stopped moving.

We braved the arctic tundra this mornign to re-weigh Grace and she gained a pound! Yeah! That's a very good sign and I'm relieved. Looks like we'll be sticking with the formula for a while.

Ok, better go. I left a 2 year old in the living room with a smoothie and I'm hoping I don't have any messes to take pictures of.


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