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'I not neeeeed to take a chill pill, Mama'
Ok, so yes, I'm a dork and told my child to take a chill didn't work. However, we found that a low grade fever does wonders! There's something going around the schools, which of course trickles into the Sunday schools, that give kids a fever for several days. Josiah got it Tuesday and was out of commission for a couple days. However, he's at the age where he will actually sit still and watch movies (as opposed to being a 20-30 pound growth on my hip) when he's sick and the ONLY time he cuddles is when he's sick. It was a nice change. That sounds bad, doesn't it? But it wasn't just me that noticed it. Philip actually wondered if we should invent a pill that induced a 99 degree temp...just enough to slow the toddlers down, but not enough to make them feel really bad. He's back to normal today and we're back to making trains all over the living room (the house stayed a lot cleaner too when he was sick).

Yesterday while Josiah and I were talking he informed me that when he, Daddy, Mama, Gracie, Leah and Becca (his friends) grow up we're all going to be big boys and that will be funny. He's started this thing where he tells jokes, which are only recognizable because he tells you "that's funny." And you better laugh. Right now this is hilarious to him.


The Most Amazing Playmate Ever
Nanny decided she was going through baby withdrawal so she and Sadie jumped in the car Friday afternoon and came over for a visit this weekend. Sadie is 7 so she's old enough to play with Josiah without fighting and she sees him so rarely that she's very excited to play with trains, balls and firetrucks 12 hours a least for the first 2 days. By this morning she was starting to get a little impatient, but that's totally understandable. It was an amazing break. Philip and I got in a date and I got to remember what it's like to live with 2 hands. I think Nanny had had her fill of babies and probably needed a nap by the time she left this morning! Thank you!

The Bossy Drummer
Josiah's new passion is drumming. One of his friends has a drum at her house and he loves it. They've offered to let him borrow it, but I've refused to let it come in the house because of how loud it is (Note to the grandparents...NO DRUMS!!!). Anyway, he's been improvising and has turned his building blocks, legos and a couple buckets into drums. He's not usually allowed to play with the 'pankin poons' (spanking spoons), but they're the only good drumsticks we can find, so he's been given 2 to use.

Like any good musician he insists on having an audience when he plays and he spends half the time playing and the other half telling Gracie and me what we should be doing and how we're doing it wrong. You're only allowed to sing when he tells you it's ok, you must hold the spoon, toilet paper roll or golf club (which he calls a hammer) exactly like he tells you and you must be ready at all times to fix his drums if they tip over or move a quarter of an inch. Another job requirement is the ability to play the 'vile n' (violin), which is actually a plastic guitar that makes animals noises. He has no patience for those of us who don't read minds and cuts no slack for Gracie. I finally had to tell him it was no fun to play with someone who was so bossy. That didn't go over well.

Besides drumming we've been spending our time parading around the house pretending to be bees and playing saxophones (which is actually the attachment to the vacuum). Grace gets in on the action by blowing raspberries, which is her new talent. Josiah does not understand why it's ok for her to 'pit' (spit) and he get in trouble for it. Life just isn't fair, dude.


We've just had one of those mornings that leaves both of us in tears, but started out with the best of intentions. We had a fun play date planned, snacks and books were packed for the drive, everyone was happy. Then Josiah remembered he was 2. The 'fun' play date ended up with him whining the entire time and finally being escorted to the car, with only 1 shoe, in tears. He spilled his entire lunch on himself and the floor of the car and then cried because he had crumbs down his shirt. As I was fuming about how he had messed up a day that was supposed to be fun I wondered how many times God gets frustrated with us when we essentially do the same thing with what he intended as a blessing. I'm sure glad he's more patient than I am.
PS Grace had a great time and smiled all morning.


Bye Bye Mullet!
We thought Grace's hair might even out as it grew, but that wasn't happening and I couldn't stand having a baby with a mullet, so she had her first hair cut yesterday. There's now a 2 inch long mullet taped in her baby book and she has a much nicer looking bob.

Gracie is 5 months old now and it's amazing how quickly she seems to be growing up. Looking back at pictures of Josiah from that age I realize that he had already started to look like, well, what he would look like. So I keep watching Grace trying to figure out what she'll look like. Still a little hard to tell, but she'll be beautiful. She is grabbing for everything lately and gets very excited when she gets your face in her hands. She's also in the stage where she tries to grab at my food and it's become much more challenging to eat with her on my lap. She likes playing in her exersaucer and loves when Josiah will come talk to her.

We've had unusually warm weather this weekend and we've been trying to take advantage of it by staying outside. Last night we decided to make a fire in the back yard and roast some hot dogs and marshmallows. Josiah had a great time cooking out and watching the sunset. He seems to love this time of year because there are tractors and combines all over the place and it gets dark early enough for him to see the moon and stars. He also loves all the lady bugs that swarm about this time of year. As I loaded the car last week he was very quietly playing in a corner of the garage, just watching them...or so I thought. Turns out it's very fun to flip them over and watch their little legs wiggle all over the place. Also turns out that they get stuck that way and die. We now have a pile of upside down lady bugs in our garage.


An Elephant With Manners and the Headless Chicken
Josiah debated between being an elephant and a bumble bee until the last minute and finally decided to be an elephant (I'm glad, it was a much cuter costume). He looked adorable and had very good manners. Last year he really had no idea what was going on and didn't know what candy was. Boy, has that changed! He is very excited to have lots of candy and is currently devouring a sucker.

Gracie was a chicken, but we didn't end up with her head piece with us when we got to town because Josiah had been running around the house with it and left it somewhere. She was the most beautiful headless chicken there!

We went down to Main Street and walked around with our friends (whose daughter was dressed as a mouse) while the kids got candy from the stores there. Josiah even got to go up to several houses and say 'trick or treat.' The mouse was a little braver than our elephant who decided a couple houses were too scary. All in all it was a fun evening.


Things I Want To Be
Josiah has a great imagination and comes up with tons of things he is or wants to be...

-an octopus

-a bee

-a monkey

-an elephant

and my favorite...a meatball farmer.


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