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It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Iowa
Freezing temps at night...corn leaves flying through the air because of crazy wind...flurries (that's right, we're having our first flurries today). I truly dread this time of year, but I'm making an effort to have a better attitude about it this year than last. I got tired of hearing my complaints so I was probably driving the people around me nuts too. Sorry.

Thankfully, yesterday was actually really pretty and we had a chance to go take some family pictures at the state park. One of our friends took them and he made a valiant effort to get a picture of all of us looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. I don't think it happened, but we appreciated him trying. Josiah is in a stage where he no longer wants to smile for the camera. We heard "I don't NEEEEEEED to smile" an awful lot yesterday. And Grace is, well, just Grace. She's much more serious than Josiah was at this age so it's hard to get a picture of her smiling. We may end up photoshopping the results a little to get a good picture.

Philip made it home safely and we surprised him by meeting him at the airport and having the kitchen decorated with a 'Welcome Home Daddy' sign and balloons (actually, I think a certain preschooler confiscated the balloons before Philip got home). We've had a fairly quiet weekend and are about to enjoy some pizza with friends. Yum!


Sense of Humor
I need one right now. I haven't found it, but I'm looking. Only 1.5 days until Philip gets home and we're all ready for him to return. Josiah is missing him terribly and so am I. And although Philip is in a beautiful place this week (Colorado Springs), he's working so much that he really hasn't had much of a chance to enjoy it. He sent a few pictures of the snow and it made me so glad I'm not there!

I didn't think Grace would really notice anything different this week, but maybe she has because she hasn't slept well all week. Last night got a little ridiculous and I figured she wasn't bothering Josiah (I have no idea how he sleeps through that)so I turned the baby monitor off to finally get a couple hours of quiet. I went in to get her this morning, somewhat grumpy about her desire to talk all night, but it's hard to stay mad when you get one of those 'OH, you're the best person in the world!' baby smiles. I'm sure God made babies do that so we'd put up with all their antics.

Grace has become a true thumb-sucker this week. She seems to have realized that it's much easier and satisfying to suck on just her thumb instead of the whole fist. Josiah has learned his first bible verse, "God made us to do good (Eph. 2:10)." I've been working on several at lunch and he liked the idea of having a verse of his own to work on too.

Ok, time to go make lunch and find fun things to do inside. It's cold, rainy and windy here and is supposed to stay that way for...well, probably until next June. Gotta love Iowa.
PS Sorry the picture is sideways...I can't figure out how to rotate it on the new software.


Fuzzy Caterpillars
Philip left today for Colorado so my job is to keep Josiah busy enough that he doesn't have much time to realize it and start acting up...hopefully. We started off by making fuzzy caterpillar cookies in honor of all the fuzzy friends we've been finding outside (and bringing inside...ewww!).

Ok, so I've got a #6 for the 'things I hate to admit' list. I totally forgot to feed Grace yesterday. We came home from bible study and I made lunch for Josiah and me, got everyone put down for a nap and couldn't figure out why Grace woke up so quickly and didn't go back to sleep. And yelled. And yelled some more. All of a sudden I realized I couldn't remember feeding her lunch...because I hadn't. I keep the kids on a pretty strict eating and sleeping routine so she was REALLY mad and I don't really blame her. The upside is that at this age all I had to do was feed her and all was forgiven and forgotten. Whew. However, I did get to pay for this act of senility...because she'd taken a crazy short nap at church and then pretty much skipped the afternoon nap she was totally off schedule and ended up with a 4 hour stretch of awake time before bed last night. The poor kid has never stayed awake for longer than 3 hours so it was a rough evening. I found that if I kept her constantly entertained she would smile and laugh quite a bit, but if I stopped she started crying immediately. We played a lot of peek-a-boo last night.

She had her 4 month check up this morning and is doing fine. Other than a slightly flat head (that's the way we like 'em in this family!), she's normal. She did not like her shots (and made sure she got even by peeing all over the exam table), but Josiah actually got more upset than she did. He was very stressed that Grace was screaming like that and I wasn't doing anything about it. The nurses had to hurry so I could bring her down to him and show him she was really ok. He's been very protective of her since then and made sure I gave her the Tylenol Dr. Steve prescribed.


The JD Translation
The Josiah Dean Translation of the Bible is, well, interesting...

The Garden of Eden: 'God is going to get me if I eat Mama's apples. And there's a big bear that picks red raspberries for me to eat.'

Noah's Ark: 'Jesus built a big boat and God made a rainbow. Noah was there.'

The Cross: 'Jesus died on a cross and came back to life just like King Aren (from his Adam Raccoon books).'


Tag, You're It!
Ok, we've been 'tagged' to make a post about 5 things we hate to admit. These are for you Jonah:

1.Josiah wants to 'quish' his sister. He isn't being mean about it...he hopes she'll like it, but he really wants to squish her.

2. Gracie played with a pin cushion last week for, well, I don't know how long. Josiah thought it looked like a good toy for her and gave it to her. She loved it...I was not amused.

3. Gracie looks like a Googly doll. I got out my old one and put it next to her...check it out.

4. I've killed every house plant we own since having kids. I can't even get Sea Monkeys to grow. I'm sure I'd kill the fish and snake too if I was in charge of taking care of them.

5. We are currently living off tomatoes because that's what's growing and I feel guilty letting them go bad. We've had spaghetti sauce, pico de gallo, stewed tomatoes, roasted tomatoes and tomato soup. We're certainly getting our vitamin C.

Ok, I'll tag Keri, Kelly, Rach and Diane. You're it!


Hot Date
We've all thoroughly enjoyed Philip's birthday today. After our celebration this morning we ended up having a great night out. While some friends watched the kiddos (thank you, thank you, thank you!) Philip and I got his birthday ice cream at Cold Stone, saw a movie and went to dinner. It was a much needed break!

We went to see Fireproof and it was awesome. For those of you who aren't familiar with this movie, it was made by a church in Georgia that decided years ago to start producing Christian films. It's their third so far and is really powerful. It was amazing to see something with such a strong Christian message in a public theater and we can't recommend it highly enough. If you haven't seen it, go. If you know of young couples with children (who therefore probably don't go on many dates), offer to babysit so they can go. It is well worth the time and money. For more info, check out

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