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Talking Milk And Pony Tails
Philip decided it would be funny if he made Josiah's milk cup 'talk' to him a few days ago. Now, this might seem pretty harmless, but any mom is going to automatically see the flaw in this game...he's going to want the silly thing to talk to him at every meal for the next month. So, of course, at the next meal (and every meal since) he's begged us to make his milk talk. I told him it only works when Daddy is around...when I'm here the milk only coughs (which isn't nearly as interesting and he doesn't ask for it). I'm sure I sound like a fuddy duddy, but I'm usually trying to eat, nurse Grace, and do something else in the kitchen...and I'm tired.

I tried getting those tiny barrettes in Grace's hair and failed miserably. I also got some little pony tail holders and managed to get her hair into little pony tails, except they just look like little horns really. But I'd worked so hard to get them in that I just left them anyway. It's a good thing she's so cute because the 'do wasn't doing much for her.

It's already pretty easy to see some real differences between Josiah and Grace's personalities and appearances, but they share at least one common trait...they produce about 4X the poo of a normal child. And not all at one time. It comes in installments, spaced just far enough apart that you think they're done and go ahead and change them. And change them. And change them. In the span of less than an hour Grace filled 4 diapers tonight and we were going to have to leave our Bible study if she had another installment because we were out of diapers. Our washer stays very busy.


I Wish
I wish I could stop time sometimes and just save the moment...I just put Josiah to bed and it was one of those moments. The little boy who never stops moving and talking will magically snuggle in close to you with his fuzzy blanket, school bus and 2 trains and sit still for his bedtime stories. He smelled like shampoo and his hair was still neatly combed from his bath. Then he does 'front hugs' (laying across my lap) for our prayer. He asked to pray for Daddy, spoons and ovals and interupted to add Becca and her train. He's such a handsome little guy and his smile is amazing. I look into his face and wonder who he'll become and where God will lead him. Sometimes bedtime is a chore to get through, but not tonight.

I am learning why I seem to be the only person in Walmart with 2 very young's dumb! I thought I really had it together because I could sling Gracie and put Josiah in the basket (his feet are so big I can't get them back out of those little holes in front and it's embarrassing to get your kid stuck in there) and get all our shopping done by myself, thank you very much! It worked great, until Josiah decided some foods aren't allowed to touch him and other foods he's going to eat or poke to death. Since I don't want to have to explain to the check out girl why there are only 3 grapes left in the bag or to Philip why his lunch meat is now pureed, anything that's not durable goes in the 'kid seat' so Josiah can lounge in the basket. I've also learned never to put tape in with them...I don't know where part of the packaging went, but the tape was all over his hands. Yesterday's adventure included him tearing up a package of barrettes for Gracie. He tore 14 of them off and was carefully dropping them out the bottom of the cart before I realized what he'd done. So we get to the checkout lane and I turn around and see a trail of barrettes leading back to the hair aisle. I've never read Hansel and Gretel to him so he didn't know why I was mumbling about bread crumbs as we retraced our steps and eventually handed a mangled barrette package over to the checker. At least the bar code was still in one piece.

Philip is out of town this week, but he gave me a quick lesson on how to use the mower before he left so I could finish up the yard. You have to understand, it's a zero turn thing that goes fast enough that you actually feel the wind whipping through your hair. One wrong turn and you could do some serious damage to whatever is in the way. I'm proud to say I finished the lawn just now without hitting a tree (came close), the corn or the neighbor's fence (I didn't hit it very hard anyway). There's obviously a learning curve to using the thing and I'm still on the curve.

Time to finish feeding Gracie before Josiah wakes up. I've started asking him what he dreams about while he's sleeping and gotten some funny answers. I can't tell if he's serious or making them up. Lately they've been about Mama and Daddy going to the hardware store and using wet wipes. Hmmmm.

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Not Much Laborin' Going On This Weekend
We started the weekend off with family night at the kids meals at most restaurants, free carousel rides and free admission to the kids museum. Adults were out numbered about 5 to 1. It was a loud, chaotic, fun evening with the kids and some friends.

Saturday started kind of slowly and I didn't get up before the kids to work out so Philip watched them later so I could get my half hour in. When I came out he and Josiah were having a praise and worship session in the living room with their guitars. Philip on his real guitar and Josiah on his plastic Leapfrog one. Josiah told me I was the singer so we sang and played 'Lord I Lift Your Name On High' while Josiah giggled and 'played.' It was cute.

Philip spent most of the rest of the day helping some friends move into their new house and then we had them and some other friends over for dinner. Turns out Gracie already has an admirer. Baby Mason just couldn't seem to take his eyes off of her...of course, he also tried to roll over her a day before. We may have to keep an eye on this young man!

Grace's hair is almost long enough to pull into little pig tails, but not long enough to lay down yet. She looks like a mini conehead the way it sticks up. I usually make her wear a hat for the first few hours of the day to give her a bit of hat hair and I blow dried it this morning to make it lay down some. It sort of worked.

Well, the kiddos are down and we have a blizzard to share on the couch. Yum!

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Wishy Matoes
While Gracie took a nap in Josiah's crib (I really just put her down for a minute to help him rebuild his legos and she conked out), J and I went outside to clean the car and check the garden. He was fascinated by the weird gourd/melon things that Mom planted that have climbed up the gutter and are fruiting on the roof (it is funny looking) and liked the bumpy gourd things that sprouted up by the back door (we didn't plant them and have never had gourds like this, so I have no idea where they came from). He also agreed to help me pick some tomatoes and wanted to hold them while I dove back into the bushes to look for more. I wasn't paying a lot of attention to what he was saying until I realized that 'mama, matoes are wishy' meant 'mama, the tomatoes are squishy.' Ummm, no they weren't when I handed them to him so this meant he was MAKING them squishy. Thankfully, we're using them for spaghetti sauce so it's not a big deal that our matoes are wishy.

One Two Cantaloupeses
Josiah is very excited that we have 'one two cantaloupeses' in our kitchen. Actually we have 8, but when there's a lot of something he says there's 'one two' of them. I felt a little silly for buying a cantaloupe a couple days ago, only to come home to a counter full of them from the garden that Philip had picked. We'll be eating our weight in cantaloupes this week (yum!).

An Idiots Guide To A Sleepless Night
Step 1. Drink a cappuccino 3 hours before bedtime.

Step 2. Lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, for 2 hours.

Step 3. Finally fall asleep.

Step 4. Wake up at 2:30am to take care of the 12 week old who's hyped up on caffeine.

Step 5. Kick yourself for being such an idiot.

When her mother is not being an idiot, Grace is doing much better with her nighttime sleeping. We had a 9 hour stretch Sunday night! WooHoo!

P.S. Philip entered the black and white picture of Grace in a photo contest he's a part of online and won! Go sweetie!


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