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Happy Bell Day Bomp!
Bomp celebrated his last day of chemo today by ringing the bell at the center as he left and we were celebrating for him up here! We had our own bell ceremony in his honor. Way to go Mr. Bill! We love you!

This Week
This week we are...
  • still working on potty training Grace. Some days she gets it...some days she doesn't.
  • still working on bowel training Leeza. I think it's safe to say she does NOT get it.
  • learning about the fruits of the Spirit again and are trying to catch the kids showing 'fruit' so they can put a fruit up on the tree on the dining room wall. We have a lot of 'lemons of Love' right now.
  • laughing at Kasia when she bullies her way through all the kids when it's time to brush her teeth so she can stand on the stool and brush too. All 9 of her teeth are very clean.
  • working really hard to keep Leeza infection-free so we don't have to reschedule her surgery again. There's a question about whether she has one right now so she's hyped up on multiple antibiotics and we'll retest tomorrow. Please pray she's good to go!
  • helping Kasia cut at least 3 of her molars all at the same time. I'm betting #4 isn't far behind.
  • laughing as I learn how to use the BB gun to shot that squirrel away from our bird feeder. I got him today and the kids all cheered...mainly because I finally figured out how to make it shoot.
  • starting Perspectives again. It's a great reminder of why we're in the unusual situation we're in right now. We don't leave Leeza with anyone else yet so we wait until the kids are all in bed and then we sneak out. She sleeps like a log and never knows we're gone.
  • learning that our tax refund might be huge. This is a relief as I watch the mileage on my car near 200,000.
  • grateful that Philip is ok after being hit by an ambulance that didn't have it's sirens on. The car is a little worse for wear, but the husband is fine. Thank you God!
  • working on training plans for me. I'm trying to run a 10k in March and a half marathon in October.
  • working on getting the kids to help out more around the house. I have a feeling they're holding out on us!


Didn't See That One Coming
Spending 24 hours a day with 4 preschoolers leads me to believe that I can be considered somewhat of an expert on these little people...and then they do things I just never saw coming.

In the midst of a week during which Grace is potty training, Kasia reminded us that oranges do not agree with her system and Leeza is defying all expectations of the urology department (NOT in a good way!), I really did not expect the weirdest bodily-function-story to come from Josiah. I was trying to squeeze in a work out during nap time yesterday when I realized Leeza had scooted out of her room. She was coming to get me because Josiah had trapped himself on the toilet by accidentally peeing all over the floor...and his own head. I thought I had lost my sense of humor over messes like this, but it was really hard to keep a straight face as he tried to explain this one!

After a day that had included changing 29 diapers (no, that's not a typo) I thought I had found a way to have a little good-natured fun at the expense of the child who had used most of those diapers. While making lemonade I gave Leeza her first lemon and sat poised with the camera to get the 'lemon face' picture. Turns out she loves them...guess I have a few more years before I'm an expert.

...Ok, this post is already over a week old because I couldn't get the picture to work. Maybe Philip will stick it in here later. :)...


The Best of 2010
We had our annual preschool New Year's Eve party here tonight complete with carpet picnic, kids interviews, noise makers, confetti balloons and a parade. No way are we staying up till midnight with this group...our alarms were all set for about 6:45pm. We partied hard and got 'em all to bed by 7:30!

Here's some of this year's interview answers...

Favorite food: bananas (K), 'Sadie' (L), Cherries (J & G)

Favorite toy: Mama (K), none (L), the toy box (G), Transformers (J)

Best friend: Mama (K), none (L), 'Uncle Ryan' (G), Sadie (J)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

'Sadie and EmmaJo' (L), 'A big monster' (G), 'A train driver with a car full of candy gummy fish' (J)

What do you hope you get to do this year?

'Kasia' (L), 'Make dinner with Mama' (G), 'Get to go to Memama's and Nanny and Papa's houses' (J)

If you could change your name, what would you choose?

'Naah' (K), Josiah (L), 'mouth' (G), Thomas (J)

And our family New Years' Resolution...a boring year (and getting down to 1 kid in diapers would be cool too)!

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Happy Birthday Kasia!
This is a little late, but most things are these days. Just pretend like it's still December 16th. :)

Our baby is 1! Hard to believe that just a year ago we were constantly watching the weather reports to make sure we weren't going to be snowed-in when Kasia decided to make her appearance. She apparently got all her drama out early on and has been the easiest, most laid-back baby we've had. Our sweet girl looks a great deal like Josiah did as a baby, loves to play with blocks, wrestle with Daddy and the big kids and snuggle with Mama. She wiggles with joy when she sees a banana or her blankets and instinctively seems to know when the other kids are getting dessert and she's being left out. She had NO problem figuring out what to do with her banana-shaped cake (special ordered for her by Josiah, our resident party planner). In keeping with the tradition Grace started, Kasia also received antibiotics for her 1st birthday for an ear infection...unlike Grace we found out she is allergic to most antibiotics. :( We're waiting for her to take her first steps soon. She's very close and Josiah and Grace both started walking during their birthday weeks so we expect she'll start toodling around here soon too. She hasn't said any real words yet, but I'm betting her first will be 'Mama.'

While I'm excited to get to see Kasia's personality blossom this year, it makes me sad to know there won't be a baby in the house soon. We have no idea what God has in store for us in the future, but for now our hands are full. Something tells me I'll be one of those moms who sneaks into the church nursery to get my 'baby fix' from time to time.

So, time for some 1 year stats:

Height: ? We'll find out later this week

Weight: 19lbs (she'll be forward-facing soon!)

Favorite food: bananas and mandarin oranges

Favorite toy: wooden blocks

Favorite game: holding our hands so she can walk

Hair color: 2 toned (blond roots, brown tips...very stylish)

Eye color: blue

Shoe size: 2

Clothing size: 12mo

Favorite trick: clapping

Favorite place: Mom's arms


We did our Thankful Tree again this year. Here's a synopsis of what we, serious and just plain weird (all of those would be from Grace).

Daddy: computers, coming home, a quiet evening, family, happy kids, lunch with friends

Josiah: oranges, Awanas, thankfuls, apricots, paper dinosaurs, ground beef, Indian corn, Mrs. Chris, getting to eat his favorite meat, his helicopter, Daddy coming home early

Leeza: about halfway through the month she learned that 'food' was a good answer and she's said it every day since

Kasia: (all obviously interpreted by us) squash, Josiah, bread, peaches, pancakes, getting changed, graham crackers, milk, being held a lot

Mama: firewood, sunshine, Leeza sleeping through the night, coffee, working out, Dexter, bedtime, caths that work, Daddy

Grace: pizza, getting to fly (which she didn't), bread, the inside of her cheek (?), cheese, eating PlayDoh, reading books, quesadillas, getting to eat squash (which she wouldn't touch), eating oranges and broccoli, focaccia, getting to swim (which she didn't)


A Work in Progress
Life has just not been normal lately. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it takes some getting used to. In the midst of not enough sleep and trying to learn how to make life work with 4 kids we've had a few interesting moments....

-Reading the Bible after dinner is always a challenge and one night recently was no different. As I tried to read a little louder than kids were talking and keep an eye on who was trying to squirm out of their chair I meant to tell Leeza to sit down and instead ended up telling Jesus to. The kids did get quiet for a second...and then burst out laughing at me.

-While Philip had Josiah and Gracie at Awanas one night I thought I could load Leeza and Kasia up in the small car and get the grocery shopping done. We did just fine until I got to the store and realized I had no stroller and could not physically pick up both girls to get them into the store (no outside carts at this store either). Thankfully, Walmart always has carts outside so I could actually get the shopping done.

-This past Sunday we were feeling pretty good about ourselves. We got to church with everything Philip needed to do a talk for Orphan Sunday (he did a GREAT job, by the way!), our shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, diapers for all the girls AND we were even early. We'd been inside 5 minutes putting everything where it belonged before we realized neither of us had gotten Kasia out of the car! Apparently we're not as together as we thought we were.


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