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No More Thank Yous
Josiah is showing his first true stubborn streak and has decided he will no longer say 'thank you' or 'excuse me.' He was doing both beautifully and had been for quite a while, but he absolutely refuses now. We're aware of the futility of getting in a power struggle with a 1 year old, so we've been trying to be careful about when we lay down ultimatums. There is currently a pile of (very stale) goldfish crackers on the kitchen island that will remain there until he says thank you for them. Considering how much he loves them and how rarely he gets them, I'm amazed at his persistence. He is definitely showing his fathers' passive aggressive tendencies!

We hit week 38 today...a milestone we never thought we'd cross and I'm hoping it's the last one. I'm becoming resigned to the fact that Gracie is not coming early and there's nothing I can do about it. Patience is an ugly word.

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Mama's Nuts
Mom asked me yesterday morning how I was doing and I told her Gracie was driving me nuts. Josiah thought this was very funny and promptly repeated, "Mama's nuts!" There's a good chance he's right. Gracie is still hanging on somehow, despite my walking, working out and constant bouncing on an exercise ball. Maybe she'll end up being (in)famous for being the first baby in history to stay in the womb at 100% effaced and 10 cm dilated.

You're Still Pregnant?
That question gets REALLY annoying by the end of a pregnancy, but it is actually a little funny when your doctor asks it. We had our appointment this afternoon and Dr. Pickering looked pretty surprised when he saw me in the hallway. I'm 4cm dilated (you're not allowed to leave if you're at 5) and he went ahead and stripped the membranes (it just helps the cervix open a little). If she's ready to come, and I can't figure out what she's doing so low if she's not, then this should get things moving in the next 48 hours or so. If she's not, it shouldn't do anything. It already feels like she's settled a little lower and I'm feeling a little strange, but trying not to get my hopes up in case she pulls one of her usual stunts. So I guess we just try to pretend we're all not waiting to see what she's going to do and stay busy. Hopefully the next post will be more exciting.

Stood Up
Well, the 20th has come and gone and still no Gracie. The patoot. It wasn't from lack of trying. I had a massage, bounced on that silly exercise ball and walked as much as I thought my body and Josiah's patience would allow. Something new hurts every day so I'm hoping we're getting close. How long can you stay 80% effaced anyway? Ugh.

On the up side, she's officially full term now. Philip and I both realized yesterday how impatient we were getting that she wouldn't come on, which is ironic when we've been praying for her to stay put for the last couple months. Philip's morning devo was actually about the Israelites and how much they complained about being in the desert, totally forgetting how God had taken care of them and was continuing to do so. We're in a bit of a desert at the moment and realized we were acting the same way. So we're now trying to remember to be grateful for all the answered prayers and I'm trying to remember not to wish away these last few days with just Josiah and me.

Mom and I took Josiah to the doctor a couple days ago because of what seemed like a cold that just kept getting worse. Doc said it was a mixture of those molars still moving some and probably allergies with possible ear infections. Our countertop is now littered with antibiotics, Tylenol and kids Claritin. It seemed to be helping until last night when Josiah cried for hours. He ended up sleeping on Philip for several hours before he could calm down. He said his tummy hurt, but it's hard to tell if that's really what was going on. Mine hurt too so maybe we ate something bad, although I can't think of anything. At any rate, I'm glad we were here to help him through it and hoping it's over now.

So, here's to hoping today is the day and escaping anymore, "So, she's still in there?" questions.


I'm off bed rest and the restrictions are gone! As the doctor said, I'm not supposed to do anything stupid, but I don't have to rest, I can go on walks and I can pick Josiah up. The other very good news is that I'm 80% effaced and still 3cm dilated. As soon as my cervix effaces the rest of the way things will move along pretty quickly so it's not totally out of the question to think Gracie might come in the next week (and since we hit 37 weeks next Tuesday, that's fine!). She may hold on longer, but there's no way to know at this point. I was just warned not to goof around too long when things start hurting. It felt really good to have only good news at an appointment. I celebrated by taking my first walk of the year this evening. Yeah!

Here's to Hoping
Ok, I'm not allowed to start exercising or doing jumping jacks yet, but I can start baking. We hit 36 weeks today and although I realize 37 is the current goal, I can't help hoping she'll come on now. So I've got snickerdoodles in the oven and I'm wishing this kid out. According to our email update she's the size of crenshaw melon (what the heck is that?)...that sounds plenty big enough!
PS The baking didn't work. Bummer.

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Smart Alec
I'm past feeling like a cow or an elephant...even they don't look as absurd as a very pregnant woman. But it gets a little tougher to take when your 1 year old starts making snide comments. As we played outside today I realized Josiah was saying 'waddle waddle waddle' when we walked together. Granted, we had just read a book about ducks that waddle, but I'm a little self conscious at the moment and it seemed like too much of a coincidence (I AM waddling, but that's beside the point).

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