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Lots of Information and We Still Don't Know Anything
I'm 50% effaced and dilated to 3cm and Gracie's head is sitting almost completely on my cervix. How do I know this? Because I spent most of Saturday morning at the hospital hooked up to those blasted monitors again. I couldn't sleep Friday night and finally gave up and decided to watch a movie. About the time I thought I could fall asleep I realized I was cramping a lot and better start timing them. After an hour it was pretty obvious I should head to the hospital because I was feeling almost exactly like I did at the beginning of Josiah's labor. Philip stayed here with Josiah because I knew nothing was going to happen super fast and we didn't want to call our friends at 3am if we didn't need to. Of course by the time I got to the hospital everything had pretty much stopped...until they did an exam, which started everything back up again. My contractions were just close enough together to make them want to keep watching me and I dilated a little more than I had been when we started, so I got to stay there until 8:30 getting some IV fluids. That seemed to calm everything back down and I was sent home. I got home just in time to change clothes and head over to a baby shower I was co-hosting. Needless to say, Josiah's the only one who's gotten much sleep around here and we're thankful he's content to watch some Veggie Tales while we relax some.

Guess I spoke too soon about staying out of the hospital this week.

PS Josiah got to help Philip pick out what to wear for church. They both ended up in green shirts, blue pants and brown shoes. I think we're entering the 'I want to be like Daddy' stage.


Hello Pocket
Today was pretty and Josiah wanted to be outside ALL DAY LONG. We spent hours on the front sidewalk playing with rocks, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and his bicycle. He also made a major discovery...he has pockets. He seemed to realize it all of sudden while we were playing and very seriously looked down and said, "Hello pocket." For the rest of the afternoon he would periodically look down and talk to his pocket. Once again I'm reminded to notice and enjoy the little things.

I Passed!
I passed the biophysical! I still don't totally understand how because nothing has really changed, but passing meant I didn't have to go back to the hospital for another monitoring session. Assuming we get through tomorrow, this will be the first week in a month I've managed to avoid the place. I'm still supposed to be careful and drink a ton of water so we can get her to term (at least 37 weeks), but so far she looks good. I have been having a few signs that maybe my body is getting ready to be done with all this and I'm pretty sure she's dropped some (although I'm not really sure how that's possible), but we didn't get the chance to ask the doc to check me today because he was trying to deliver twins who weren't cooperating. The nurse practitioner laughed when I asked about it. Apparently checking someone whose cervix is already thin can start labor if you mess it up and she wasn't going to get pinned with that one, so my doc might not have checked either. At any rate, we should be done with all these doctor visits in a month at the most. We have to pre-schedule all our remaining visits because of the biophysicals so they handed me a stack of appointment cards today as we left...there were only 4! I'm hoping we only have to use 2 of them, but it was encouraging to see that we're getting to the end of all this. We hit 37 weeks on the 20th and I am planning to take a marathon walk that day, jump with Josiah (he's been begging me to for weeks) and maybe do some baking (it worked for the Millers) and see if Gracie can share Bomp's birthday.

Our church family has continued to be amazingly supportive through all the ups and downs. We've been getting meals delivered several times a week to help me have time to rest and people have stepped up to watch Josiah so we don't have to bring him to all these appointments. The poor kid has read most the magazines in the waiting room already so he was thrilled to be dropped off at a friends' house instead today (and we were thrilled to not have him confined in a waiting room). We have some real prayer warriors in our church and we have no doubt that we've made it this far because of them.

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Happy Anniversary to Us
We celebrated 7 years yesterday! Neither of us feels like it's been that long. God gave us an absolutely beautiful day to enjoy...80 degrees, sunshine and a gentle breeze (do you know how long it's been since we've had one of those up here?) and Philip was so sweet. He'd hidden a card in the fridge so I'd find it in the morning (Josiah was excited that there was a 'book' in the fridge) which told me not to worry about dinner. He came home with a dozen red roses and loaded Josiah and me up in the car. He'd arranged for some friends to watch Josiah so we could enjoy Red Lobster without having to talk about tractors and school buses the whole time. I thought we'd be able to eat without having to clean up the floor under us (a rare occurrence around here), but my belly is big enough that I can't really reach the table anymore and I can't see my lap so food still ended up on the floor when I stood up. Regardless, it was a wonderful surprise and a great break. We figure our date nights will come to an end here pretty soon, so each one is very much appreciated right now.

With the return of good weather Josiah and I have been spending a lot of time playing in the rocks. Since I'm not allowed to go on walks and I figure I shouldn't be climbing around playground equipment with him, that's about the only way we can get outside. He doesn't seem to mind at all. The highlight of his week was when the farmer came to disk the field in front of the house...100 feet in front of the house. The field has always just been mowed for hay, but this year he's putting in corn so they've been busy getting it ready. Josiah watched him for hours on Monday, terribly excited because there was a 'loud gone deere (john deere) tactor' with 'big wheels' and 'gas' in the front yard. What more could you ask for?

I think the 2 year molars are coming in and it's made life a little rough lately. Tylenol is our friend again and I'm just trying to keep him busy. He's gotten to the age where he has a little temper when he feels bad, which is why I have to try to fix a library book he ripped and lost half of my smoothie today (which he threw). The spankin' spoon has made a come back in the last week. I'm really hoping the teeth have made their appearance before we have to turn him over to friends and family when Gracie comes. On the plus side, we're making good progress with manners. 'Please' and 'thank you' are becoming routine, he's doing well with sharing right now and is starting to say 'scuse me' when he burps or toots (which he already thinks is funny...why do all little boys think that's funny?) He's also pretty good about telling me he's 'not nice' when he gets mad or throws something. That doesn't mean he won't do it again, but at least he recognizes that he did something bad.

Well, time to try to go to sleep again. I'd actually had a few decent nights of sleep, but obviously tonight is not one of those. At least I have some great leftovers to snack on (lobster pizza at 4am is actually really good).


Just Having Some Fun
Hey everyone, I finally took some time to pull of some videos we made with Josiah over the last few days. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them!

The first one is of Josiah after he learned to throw a ball up (underhand). Before he would throw his arm up but not let go of the ball. Then get upset because the ball didn't go anywhere. As you can see, he finally got the hang of it.

The second one is of Josiah helping me put Grace's crib together. He really enjoyed helping and did everything we asked him to. He stayed in there right beside me until it was fully assembled and put in place. If you can't tell from this video, he is going to be a great helper for Dad!

Well, that is it for now. I expect Kim will have some more things to talk about later. I just wanted to put these up for every. - The Dad!


I've never been tempted to have a child at home before, but Philip and I are both reaching a point where we understand why people go that route. We had an appointment today and Gracie is fine. My cervix and the amniotic fluid level are unchanged from last week and her heartbeat and movements are great. We had a biophysical done on her because of the fluid levels and everything was fine, but she scored low because of the fluid levels so we got sent back over to the hospital for another non stress test. I'm tired of hippa forms and elastic monitoring belts and nurses who insist on reading all the discharge orders when they know I've heard them 5 times before. I'm very grateful Gracie is doing well and that our doctor wants to be careful, but this is just getting really old and by the time Philip and I get home from these long appointments with an overly tired and hungry 1 year old we're just beat. We don't have to do anymore cervical checks because we've hit 34 weeks, but now we start having biophysicals done every week at our appointment (which is just an ultrasound where they take a ton of Doppler measurements of her blood flow all over her body). It sounds like my activity restrictions will be lifted when we hit 36 weeks and I'm planning to take a really long run, drink a bunch of caffeine, and do anything else I can think of to get this kid out so we can stop all this craziness!
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Brand New Fodder Guck
For those of you who don't speak toddler, 'fodder guck' is firetruck. We just got back from a garage sale and I ended up bringing home a hideously large firetruck that will join the parking lot of trucks in the corner of the living room.

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