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We're (almost) Back!
Wow, after a week and a half of living in bed or the couch I'm finally up and sort of functioning. Philip has missed a week of work taking care me and is back to work start plowing through backlogged email. I don't envy him. Josiah and I made it out of the house to go somewhere other than the doctor's office or pharmacy (Walmart) and got to see how bad the roads really are. Our usual 30 minute drive in to town took over an hour, but we made is safely and got goodies for the plane and a few easy dinners for Philip. I still have a pretty bad cough and sinus headache, not to mention I can't hear much because my head is so clogged it's pushing on my ear canal. I made a point of taking off my coat in the store so people could see I was pregnant and would hopefully be nicer to the lady coughing and sniffling her way through the store. It worked. I bathed us in hand sanitizer as we entered (to clean off the cart handle) and as we left, as usual, but this time it was to protect all those people who somehow manage to still be healthy.

J and I ship out this evening and I still have some packing to do. I got so excited to be headed to 50-70 degree weather that I realized I was packing all skirts and Tshirts...until I realized 50s aren't quite THAT warm. So now I'm having to go back through our suitcases to make sure I'm being a little more realistic.

Ok, time to go. Josiah wants to 'pay' again. He's gotten the hang of praying and wants to do it for everything, all the time now. We've said a lot of prayers for bananas and cheerios lately!


You Know You Live In Iowa When...

  • You get 5 inches of snow, but have 7 foot snow drifts across your driveway and road.

  • Your husband is on a first name basis with all the local farmers because they've all pulled him out of a snow-filled ditch.

  • You can't remember the last time the temperature got anywhere close to freezing...much less above it.

  • You're used to the sound of windblown ice pelting your house.

  • You have a blizzard one day and a ground blizzard for the next 2 or 3.

  • You don't recognize your own car when it's clean because it's been covered in snow grime for so long.

  • You growl at people who get to live in warm climates.

Ok, enough whining about the weather. It's just been a really long cold winter and we're all about to go crazy wishing for warmer temps. It has to end soon, it just has to.

On the home front, Josiah has been an amazingly good boy lately, which has really come in handy because I'm sick again. Philip is still on mom/dad duty (and doing a great job!). I thought I'd about kicked this bug Saturday night only to be proven dreadfully wrong the next morning. I just started a round of antibiotics that will hopefully end it so I can get off the couch and get ready for our trip to Texas. Josiah and I fly out Thursday (barring another snow storm, of course) and I'm not ready at all. I know I better have an awesome goody bag for the plane because it won't be easy keeping an 18 month old happy sitting still for 2 hours...time to get creative.

As far as we know Gracie is doing fine. I keep getting this question from the grandparents, to which I can only respond that she never responds when I talk to her so I have to guess. We've talked to a lot of doctors and pharmacists in the past week making sure I'm allowed to take the meds that are supposed to get me back to normal. It's a little nerve wracking to go from avoiding cough drops to taking codeine and antibiotics, but that's what happens sometimes. She is kicking up a storm and seems to have a special fondness for pummeling my bladder.

I need to brag on Philip again. He wrote me a wonderful letter for Valentine's Day in which he said he was glad he was my husband so he could take care of me...boy has he gotten to prove that statement this week! He's been taking total responsibility for Josiah, the house and meals and doing a great job. In fact, I noticed yesterday that Josiah was running to him instead of me when he got hurt. Now, don't get me wrong, I get really tired of having a whiny child hanging on me a lot of days, but when he suddenly runs to someone ELSE...well, a little bit of mom jealously reared it's ugly head. As soon as the thought went through my mind I reminded myself that in a week I'll be wishing he WOULD run to Dad instead of me and I should enjoy the reprieve and be glad Philip is doing such a good job.


Ab of Steel
Wow, this has been a rough week! We started it with Josiah sick and me feeling a little shaky. After a night of no sleep, 2 days of carrying around a whining child and an ear infection it was my turn to fall apart. I got the cold Josiah had and it apparently thought my body was a great place to hang out because it made itself right at home. It actually felt more like the flu and because of the coughing I didn't sleep for 2 nights in row. I knew I was in trouble the second day when I realized I was crying through breakfast and Josiah kept looking at me saying, "Ouch Mama, ouch." We headed to the doctor who prescribed Philip to come home and some heavy duty cough medicine that would knock me out. My sweet hubby showed up shortly after with the meds and a bouquet and chocolate (it was Valentines Day). We've never really done much for Valentines Day because Philip just can't bring himself to celebrate such a 'corny' holiday, but I have to say, that medicine was one of the most appreciated gifts he's ever given me (after it kicked in I appreciated the flowers and candy).

So after 4 nights of sleeping on the couch so I can sit up and taking medicine that stresses me out a little (because of the pregnancy), I think I'm finally on the mend. I've coughed so much that I have an ab of steel now. I didn't actually start out with a 6 pack stomach, but I've got a mean 1 pack now.

Papa and Nanny have been over this weekend for a visit and have been so helpful in entertaining Josiah. He's had a blast dancing for Nanny and eating his weight in goldfish crackers (they seem to magically appear anytime a grandmother shows up). He, Nanny and Philip are currently headed outside to go sledding...I'm thankful they enjoy taking him out because he'd never get in the snow if it was up to me and my snow-grump self. It has frequently been warmer in the deep freeze (which is set to 0) than it has been outside. I'm not sure what to say to that except 'ugh.'

Hopefully this weekend will be a healthier time for our family. I want to give a big THANK YOU to Philip for all his help this week. We've kept him home from work for half the week and he's been pulling Dad and Mom duty and doing a great job. You're awesome!


Just Another Snowy Day
It's still snowing...God promised he wouldn't flood the earth again, but he never said anything about letting us disappear under tons of snow. We are currently much above our yearly average snow fall and it's snowed 52% of the days of winter so far. I'm pretty sure the only people who still love snow are Philip and people who don't live in it.

We had a well baby check up this morning. Josiah's not well, but we went anyway. Turns out he (shocker!) has a cold and another ear infection. Once again I cheered because at least we can do something about the infection. We went directly to the pharmacy for antibiotics and he cried the whole way home because I wouldn't let him take his 'med-din' before we got home. I'm glad he likes it so much and am hoping it works its super powers.

Our little dude is still right around the middle of the road for all measurements, even though he's lost a little weight because he's refused to eat the last few days. I've offered everything I can think of and he's said yes to most of it, and then screamed and shut his mouth when it was prepared. After toast, oatmeal, french toast, raisins, a banana, and even ice cream and a donut all got the same response I gave up and just let him drink all the milk and water he wanted. I think he ate a grape a pepperoni slice all day long yesterday.

Apparently his GI track is a bit haywire from that diet because a strange and scary sound just came from him. I think it's time to investigate.

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In My Dream World
In my dream world I would be able to sleep through the night (with NO bathroom breaks!), wake up at 10am to an amazing breakfast that somehow made (and cleaned up after) itself, lounge around a clean house getting to read and take long baths and play outside in tropical weather with Philip and a perfectly behaved Josiah.

Then I woke up to go to the bathroom.

It's snowing again, Josiah and I have colds and pretty much all he's said today is 'ehhhh' and 'no mama.' We stayed home from church yesterday to spare the other unsuspecting toddlers from his cough and I'm glad we did today. We spent a good part of the night on the couch together with him waking up every 20 minutes to moan and sniffle. When the sun finally came up I realized my son looked like a Star Trek extra. His nose had been running all night and solidifying on his face so that he had a sheet of snot from his nose to his chin. When I looked at him funny he touched his face and looked shocked and starting screaming. Let me tell you, prying it off his face didn't make the screaming stop. Thankfully about that time Philip came in to tell me he'd called work and told them he'd be late so I could get some sleep and try to work out. I'm not sure how we'd be making it through this day without that reprieve!

Time to go, my little whiner is throwing a fit in the living room.


The Quilt Is Done!
Yeah! It took a year, but the 'baby' quilt is done. He's not a baby anymore, so I guess it's a toddler quilt.

I'm So Weird
Because I have absolutely no will power I try hard not to keep junk food in the house. We do, however, usually have a stash of leftover makings for smores hanging around somewhere because we like to have them in the backyard after Josiah goes to bed (obviously when it's warmer and you can actually SEE the backyard, which is currently under more than a foot of snow). But because of the willpower thing I ask Philip to hide the stash so I can't attack it at weak moments. But here's the weird part...then I look for it. Dumb, huh? The poor guy is running out of places to hide it, but that doesn't deter me from ruining perfectly good hiding places anyway. There are only so many places in the house that I don't see on a regular basis and it seriously annoys me to have junk drawers or other places where it would be easy to just toss 'em in and cover them up (not that we don't have these drawers/cabinets...I just stay annoyed). So I'm up at midnight because Gracie is being...well, Gracie...and I'm thinking of attacking the stash I found in the weird little cabinet above the frig. I won't, but only because I know that will give me heartburn when I try to go back to sleep.

PS Philip, it's time to find another spot.


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