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Halloween and Cheerios
Philip here. Believe it or not, I am not just trying to update the blog so fast no one has time to comment. Really, we want your comments. :-) I did, however, have some time tonight to get a few more videos converted for you viewing pleasure. In the last post, Kim mentioned that Josiah wore his costume! Well, we have it on video to prove it!

If you haven't picked up on it in the last several of Kim's posts, Josiah is starting to learn to repeat words. It is really fun to work with him, and very surprising when he decided to just up and add a new word out of the blue. Today he even nodded at me when I asked if he was ready for dinner. Anyway, we have been trying for the last several days to capture his word for Cheerio on tape and haven't had much success. Well, that changed today. Kim did a great job of capturing the elusive "olyolyoly!" In case you are wondering, we call them cheeriohyohyohs. (however that would be spelled).

Oh, I almost forgot. Our "Baby's Progress" on the left has been updated with new pictures. They will changes every 4 weeks. There is also a link below the picture to with a detailed, interactive, week-by-week description of what is going on.

Well, it is well past bedtime so I am going to head to bed. Hopefully I will do a little better at making time to get the videos up. I have quite a few still on the camera. Until then, enjoy!


Happy Halloween
He wore the costume! I can't believe it. I think it might have had something to do with the quickly falling temperature. At any rate, he didn't even fuss. He wasn't too sure what we expected him to do, but he seemed to have fun looking at some of the other kids and liked a tractor that was part of the decorations downtown. He carried his little basket around and was interested in all the colorful stuff people kept putting in it, but wanted all the face-painted adults to stay away.

We spent most of the evening at church because we have AWANAs on Wednesday nights. He had his 'big brother' shirt on under the costume so I had people coming up to me all night long congratulating me and I had to keep remembering what they were talking about (I'm in charge of a group of 3rd grade girls who keep me busy).

So the night was a success and Philip and I are now relaxing and eating some of the candy Josiah doesn't know he has. This is a good age!


The Great Mouse Hunt
Well, it's harvest season and Josiah and Philip are loving all the tractors everywhere. The trees are absolutely beautiful this year, the weather has been pretty good, and mice are trying to take over the house. This is an annual battle and one we take personally. Think Caddyshack inside. I suppose it's just one of the down sides of living in the middle of corn fields (literally).

After the bout with croup our family has thankfully been well. We had to lay low for a few days while Josiah went through the contagious stage, but he felt fine so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Except for the teeth that always seem to hurt a little, Josiah is feeling fine and it's sure nice to having his smiling face back.

We are ready for Halloween, but I'm not sure Josiah is going to cooperate. I've left the bee costume out for the last few weeks for him to play with, hoping he'd come to like it...I don't think it's working. He likes to put just the hood part on and run around the house, but if you try to put the thing over his head--watch out! Can you still trick or treat if your kid won't wear his costume?

Josiah and I went to a pumpkin farm today and had a good time exploring. He liked the cows and chickens, thought the tractor was very cool, but spent the most time and energy playing with the gravel in the driveway. I guess when you grow up you forget to appreciate the finer things in life. Josiah is teaching me to see them again.

As far as Hermie, well, things are going well. I'm still feeling pretty well most of the time and really haven't been nauseous much. I get really shaky sometimes, but that's about it. Philip and I have been having fun watching my stomach start to pooch out.


Our Little Blueberry
We started week 7 today and according to, the baby is the size of a blueberry and is getting arms and legs now. She still has a tail, but hey, nobody's perfect.

Even though I think this is a girl we decided it would be weird to call it Grace for 4 months and then find out it's a boy, so we needed another name. Shem was Josiah's so we came up with Hermie (her/him) and Philip insists it must have a middle name so it's either Hezekiah or Habbakuk. What choices. Hermie Hezekiah does have a ring to it.

Thankfully the morning sickness hasn't been bad yet. My stomach reminds me occasionally that it could make life miserable, but so far so good. I am actually already showing! I had heard it would happen faster after the first time and it sure is. No one but Philip and me can really tell, but I don't think it's going to take long before it's obvious.

Josiah is still totally unimpressed with the news and was much more interested in his rocks and shoes today. He is fascinated with shoes lately. I have to hide them while we're in the house or he'll drive me crazy wanting to put them on. This includes ours. I'll turn around after brushing my teeth and realize he's stacked them all behind me and is impatiently wanting me to put them all on.

He had a fairly eventful day today. We started it at 4:40am with screams that only stopped when I held him. We rocked for the next couple hours so he could sleep. I'm not sure if it was teeth or the cold, but I'm hoping it was a one time thing. Then right before bed he fell into the bathroom cabinet and got a huge goose egg with a purple line down the center of it that freaked me out. We ended up in the doctor's office tonight. The doc said he seems fine and I'm to wake him up after a couple hours to make sure he's still ok. I just hope he goes back to sleep.


Choose Your Favorite
Okay everyone, we need your vote. Josiah has two possible Halloween costumes. We were planning to use this FIRST one but thought it might make more sense to use this SECOND one instead. What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know!!

Philip and I had a wonderful get away this weekend. We came over to Illinois to leave Josiah with his Papa and Nanny for the night. We went to a small town nearby and stayed at a bed and breakfast and spent Saturday just doing whatever we wanted. I didn't have to feed anyone but myself at breakfast and we got to be out of the house during nap time. We looked through antique shops and took a long walk through the state park while Josiah enjoyed his cousins and all new toys. He did wonderfully and we had a much needed break. Thank you Papa and Nanny!


Yea for Ear Infections!
Probably not something most parents would cheer for, but it means my kid has not turned into a permanent fuss bucket and medicine can fix it. We're wondering now how long they've been brewing because his naps have been off lately and he's been pretty fussy whenever he's not being entertained. I assumed everything was caused by teething and was thinking dentures might be a better route for our family. So, yea for ear infections!

On a funnier note, Josiah learned that eyelashes exist yesterday. He found mine and realized he had them too and for some reason this was hilariously funny. Now when he wants you to notice his he squints and makes a funny face until you point to them. He also just learned he can pull his legs up to his ears when he's laying down. This is making diaper changes more challenging.


Happy Birthday Philip!
We're celebrating Philip's 31st birthday today! He started the day with a candle in his cheerios and it sounds like his coworkers took care of his cubicle. I've been sneaking around with his parents the last couple months planning a getaway for the two of us soon and finally got to tell him about that too. They will be watching Josiah so we can go to a bed and breakfast soon and we're really looking forward to it. Josiah isn't really sure what's going on, but he likes singing the birthday song.

We went to the church fall outing Sunday and had a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful weather, lots of food, good friends and a hay ride (or hay rack ride as they call them up here). We had a friend take some pictures of us and Josiah was determined to keep his serious face on the whole time, but I think we got a few good smiles in spite of his intentions. Hopefully we'll be able to share a few soon.

Let's see...Josiah has learned how to push buttons all around the house. He's figured out our remote light switch, how to turn on and off the air purifier, and desperately wants to push buttons on the phone (which is off limits). Sometimes the buttons on the tv (which is also off limits) get too tempting and he runs over, touches them and then looks at me like 'I have no idea why the channel changed.' It's hard not to laugh, but I know I shouldn't let him get away with it. He's also learned he has a button... on his belly. He found his button during a bath recently and is fascinated by how far he can push it in.

He's also learned to make the indian sound by clapping his hand over his mouth (which is as close as he gets to blowing a kiss) and will sometimes say 'yum' when he's eating.

His hand coordination is getting better every day. He's able to stack about 3 blocks now and is trying to figure out his puzzle games, but still gets stumped. He sees us make all the different shaped blocks fit into their box, but just can't seem to do it himself and gets frustrated.

We are currently working on another tooth that has been interfering with nap and bed time. I don't see anything yet, but he periodically gets very snuggly and tired during the day, which is totally unlike him, so we know something is up.

Well, he's napping right now and this is my chance to work on a craft I've been doing. Better use it. Bye!


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