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Mother's Day
We celebrated my 2nd Mother's Day (I was a mother this time last year...I just couldn't see my kid) with church, a picnic at the park and working in the yard. The weather here has been awesome and we had a great time walking around the park looking at caves and taking pictures.

Josiah is still rolling all over the place and it's easy to see a difference in his strength from week to week. He crawls very well backwards and then gets upset because he's stuck, but we have faith that he'll figure out the forward thing soon. There are 3 more teeth that are threatening to come through, but thankfully they're staying still right now. And geez this boy can put away some food! He loves bananas (he ate an entire one this afternoon!), peas, apples, carrots and sweet potatoes. He'll eat spinach, oatmeal and green beans if they're mixed in with something and plums seem to be just ok.

Let's see, what are some other favorites? He loves reading time and seems to like the Clifford book again because it has animal sounds, but generally any book he can chew on will do. The whisk is his favorite toy and we never leave home without it. He says "dadadada" and "mamamamama" all day long but still has no idea what they mean. We did get one "yeah" yesterday. He loves to get up in the morning and pretty much hates going to bed at night. He's down to only 2 naps a day, if we're lucky. In the span of about 3 weeks he suddenly went from only being able to stay awake for 3 hours at a time to staying up for 7+ hours sometimes. Thankfully even with all the change in naps his night has stayed calm and he sleeps from 8-6ish.

Josiah has had a couple play dates lately...without me. Philip helped set up a couple ladies from church who would watch him for a couple hours at a time so I could have time alone. I hadn't realized how much I missed being alone, I just knew I was feeling really overwhelmed. I had the house all to myself for the first time since he was born and I had time to just sit in a coffee shop and read magazines. It was amazing! I felt a little guilty leaving him because of course he screamed like crazy when I handed him over, but the ladies have assured me he only kept it up for about 5 minutes and then played the rest of the time. Turkey.

Josiah had his 9 month appointment today and he's just about 50th percentile for height, weight and head circumference. His iron count was fine and we'll get the lead lab back in a few days. Dr. Young said he was doing just fine.


Happy Anniversary
Philip and I celebrated 6 years this weekend! It sure doesn't feel like that long. He was quite sneaky this year and surprised me over and over again on Friday. He left a card for me when he went to work and over the course of about 3 hours he had 3 of my friends drop off 2 roses and a card each. Each card had a clue that led me to a website he'd been working on for awhile, (only displays correctly in Firefox and IE7 - sorry). Then he came home early and ate lunch with Josiah and me and handed me my keys and told me to go get a massage (which he had scheduled for me in Cedar Rapids). Then we got to go out for dinner that night. It was quite a day and totally unexpected! I have a vase full of beautiful roses, a counter covered in sweet cards...and quite a few friends who are upset with their husbands because they haven't done anything like this! I may be biased, but I think I've got the worlds' best husband.

Josiah on the Radio
Josiah gave every one a good chuckle when one of the morning show hosts at our local Christian radio station tried to read his poem on air. They were having people send in poems about their mothers as a promotion. I thought Josiah would enjoy working on one, so when Kim was taking some self time we went to work.

Yes, we! Josiah sat on my lap and I just did what I could to write out what he was saying. I did have to provide some translation though. The poem and it's translation is below. The radio station, 89.1 The Spirit, ended up making a promo spot out of it and have been playing it 3 to 4 times a day. You can hear it by using the player below, or downloading it here.

-~=# Poem #=~-
goo gooo aaaaaaa eeeee
hummmmm daa daa
brbrbrb nananana maaah
huuummmmmm daaaa ma

-~=# Translation #=~-
She gave me life
And comforts me with love
I have no fears
For her strength comes from above


Like Father Like Son
Philip has an intense hatred of dandelions...apparently it's genetic. While Philip went around the yard spraying the pesky flowers, Josiah and I attacked bunches of them in the middle of the yard. He seemed to truly enjoy ripping their little yellow heads off (and he was very good at it).

We had a great weekend and got to spend lots of time outside. It got up to 86 today! Josiah got to swing at the park, take walks around town, and watch Daddy on the new lawn mower. He also got another haircut. He's decided the clippers are pretty scary things, but we managed to get most of his hair cut anyway. He also practiced using those new teeth of his as he tried to feed himself. He was covered in bananas and beans by the time he was done, but he did get a few things in his mouth and it was fun to watch.

We've also recently learned that Josiah is a natural swimmer. He always kicks like crazy when we "fly" him through the air so we decided to see what he'd do in water. We're looking forward to getting him in a real pool soon.


My Boss is a Tyrant
Wow, those teeth sure can change my sweet little boy! The last couple of days have been a bit rough, but thankfully today was better. Both bottom teeth are poking through now and his tongue seems to find them occasionally which is funny to watch.

Back with Updates
Okay, I would like to thank everyone for being patient with us while I got our network issues resolved. At least for now everything is up and running again. I will try to keep it that way!!

Since everything was down for a while, and I had plenty of spare time (not really) I thought I would get some new pictures and video up. Actually I got these ready today. I didn't have anything else productive to do since I was home sick with a sinus infection. In this case, my pain was your gain. :-)

Anyway, new pictures are in the gallery here and there are two new videos as well. One where Josiah is playing with his new cup and one with him doing the baby breast stroke in mid air. I hope you enjoy!!

PS Josiah officially has his first tooth popping through today (4/20). We thought we could see it last night and this morning the very top is showing and it's easy to feel!


8 Months Old
It's hard to imagine Josiah is already 8 months old (today), but he's really looking like a little boy and gives you the feeling he could get up and walk at any minute.

We had a good time in Illinois for Easter and Josiah got some awesome baskets. A box came from his Texan Grandmama right before we left and he had one waiting for him at Nanny and Papa's house. He got lots of cute clothes and toys, but his favorite gifts so far have been the plastic eggs and the wrapping. He also tried his first baby biscuits and had a blast. He had goo from his eyebrows to his toes and a big goofy grin on his face. We also learned that he knows how to drink from a straw. I've been trying to teach him how to use his sippy cup with no success so when we wanted to play with my straw at dinner I didn't think he could get anything. I was wrong and he found out he doesn't like root beer! I got a cup with a straw for him and we're going to try it out today (with water).

We've been joking that Josiah has no fear because he loves it when Philip flies him around the room and makes him drop suddenly. Well, heights might not be scary but anyone but Mom and Dad sure are. He screamed every time anyone tried to hold him this weekend. I sure wish I knew what he was thinking and his Nanny sure wishes she could change his mind. Hopefully this phase will pass soon.

I'm watching him on the nap cam as I write this and he just started rolling around. Guess it's time for brunch!


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